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US asks China to release Liu Xiaobo’s wife from house arrest

Lui Xia has been denied from having any contact with the outside world. Reports suggest that the isolation and confinement imposed on Xia by the state has resulted in her suffering from psychological stress, anxiety and depression.

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US: Two senior Republican senators criticize Rex Tillerson comments on Russia

Both senators backed the nomination of Tillerson in January, even while expressing concern about his dealings with Russia when he was chief executive of ExxonMobil.

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Rex Tillerson to visit Kuwait; US warns Qatar crisis at impasse

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt cut off diplomatic ties to Qatar a month ago while accusing the tiny nation of funding terrorism and spreading unrest.

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Iran accuses US of ‘brazen’ plan to change its government

Ambassador Gholamali Khoshroo noted Tillerson’s comments came weeks after President Hassan Rouhani’s re-election to another four-year term and local elections in which 71 percent of the Iranian people participated. Rouhani is a political moderate who defeated a hardline opponent.

US to declare China among worst human trafficking offenders: Sources

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has decided to drop China to “Tier 3,” the lowest grade, putting it alongside Iran, North Korea and Syria among others, said the sources, who have knowledge of the internal deliberations and spoke on condition of anonymity.

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US and Mexico host talks to reboot drugs war

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be at pains to assure the worst-hit countries of Central America that Washington will continue to support their best efforts to assert the rule of law.

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Trump administration starting inter-agency policy review of Pakistan: Rex Tillerson

It is a very complex relationship we have with the government of Pakistan, but your concerns are all well founded, said Tillerson.

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Donald Trump scolds Qatar as Rex Tillerson seeks to ease crisis

A senior administration official told Reuters earlier this week that the United States had no indication from the Saudis or Emiratis in Riyadh during Trump’s visit last month that they would sever ties with Qatar.

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China can’t ‘buy its way out’ of global problems: US

China cannot use its economic power to dodge its international responsibilities in the South China Sea and in deterring North Korea, Rex Tillerson warned.

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Top US diplomat stokes ‘fires for justice’ over Manchester attack 

“Even as our ally and friend mourns, the fires for justice burn very hot in all of our hearts,” Tillerson added.

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Donald Trump’s climate stance casts shadow over Arctic nations summit

Donald Trump has expressed doubts about whether human activity has a significant role in climate change, and is mulling whether to pull the United States out of a global pact to fight it.

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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s use of email alias at Exxon ‘entirely proper’: Exxon attorneys

Exxon has provided 2.5 million pages of documents in response to a subpoena from Schneiderman’s office.

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Rex Tillerson sworn-in as US Secretary of State

In his brief remarks, Rex Tillerson expressed thanks to Donald Trump for giving him the opportunity to be Secretary of State.