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Thai soldiers and police out in force to deter protesters

Small but vociferous protests have been held every day in the capital since the army seized power from the civilian government on May 22.

Thai protest leaders charged with terrorism

Eleven leaders of bloody,anti-government protests could face the death penalty after being charged Tuesday with terrorism during the worst political upheaval in modern Thai history.

Thailand lifts curfew after calm returns to Bangkok

Thailand’s premier lifted a curfew imposed across about one third of the country,in the wake of anti-govt protests,saying the situation was now under control.

Thai govt says it’s back in control,but protesters say it’s not the end yet

The Thai government declared on Thursday it had mostly quelled 10 weeks of violent protests in the capital while buildings smoldered,troops rooted out small pockets of resistance and residents attempted a return to normal life….

Thai govt refuses talks unless protests end

The Thai government rejected a proposal Tuesday for peace talks with leaders of the Red Shirt protesters to end the deadly mayhem gripping Bangkok,saying negotiations cannot start until the protesters disperse….

Gunfire outside a reporter’s window

I’m lying as flat as I can on the 15th-floor sun deck of my fancy apartment building wearing a set of ill-fitting body armour and a ballistic helmet….

Thai plan to choke Red Shirts put on hold

Thai govt suspended its plan to cut water and electricity supplies to anti-government demonstrators camped in a posh central Bangkok neighborhood.

Thai PM demands ‘red shirt’ response to peace plan

Thai PM demanded that anti-government protesters respond by Monday to his offer of an early election,running out of patience after attacks during weekend.

Thai PM promises ‘road map’ to end crisis

Thai PM Vejjajiva played down the risk of more violence during anti-government protests,saying he would soon unveil a ‘road map’ to end a two-month standoff that has killed 27 people.

Tension in Bangkok,‘red shirts’ reject compromise

Thai protesters are sticking to their demand for parliament to be dissolved immediately,after a tense night as fears grew of a crackdown to end their six-week rally in Bangkok.

Thai ‘Red Shirts’ fortify base in fear of crackdown

Thailand’s ‘Red Shirt’ protesters fortified their rally base with home-made barricades,saying they were braced for a ‘brutal’ crackdown on their anti-government campaign.

Thai army defends business area from ‘red shirts’

Thailand’s ‘red shirt’ protesters threatened to stay in the capital’s shopping district ‘indefinitely.’

Troops in Bangkok bank zone after red shirt threat

Thai army sent troops to a Bangkok business district,a day after vowing to punish protesters if they marched there,raising fears of more violence after 24 people died in bloody clashes a week ago.

Thai army chief takes charge of restoring order

Thailand’s PM talked tough and handed more law and order powers to the army after security forces were humiliated when an anti-government protest leader escaped a police raid in broad daylight.

Defiant Thai protesters parade dead through Bangkok

‘Red Shirts’ paraded the bodies of dead protesters though the tense capital and said the time for negotiation was over after the worst political unrest.