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Try this healthy tendli stir fry to beat diabetes

This crunchy summer gourd is just the dish for this season.

Bake this soft focaccia bread this weekend

What’s a brunch without good bread? For this one, a fine olive oil makes all the difference.

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Bake a jamun clafoutis this weekend

Celebrate the season of jamuns with this uniquely boozy version of the French dessert.

Tonight, have this healthy Mango Couscous salad with nuts and seeds

We all know couscous is nutritious; and if you get mangoes into the picture, it gets all the more interesting.

From mothers to daughters – five traditional recipes from across the country

A dessert from Kerala, a relish from Andhra, a spicy side-dish from Mangalore and more to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Ready in 30 mins: Try some Pappa al Pomodoro this weekend

Enjoy this sumptuous Italian bread and tomato salad at home.

For the first day of fasting on Chaitra navratri, try this tasty dhokla recipe

This barnyard millet and buttermilk ‘vrat ka dhokla’ is light and refreshing.

Sweet musings: These easy-to-make desserts will make your heart skip a beat

End your meal with these perfect pralines or simply gobble them down with some tea. The choice is yours.

Try this healthy sprout salad for your 5 pm snack

With cashew and vermicelli for crunch, this mixed sprout salad is great for your evening munchies.

Try these healthy citrus salads this summer

Throw in couscous or prawns or beetroot for a wholesome cooling salad.

Two iconic chicken dishes you should make for Easter

An Anglo-Indian stew for breakfast and a Syrian Christian roast for lunch – there’s no such thing as too much chicken.

This Easter, make a no-bake, no-egg, no-fuss Chocolate Crunch Cake

Chocolate, prunes, marshmallows, shortbread; what’s not to love?

How to make a traditional Easter treat: Hot cross buns

Spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, these sumptuous buns also include all the goodness of black currants.

How to make Masaledaar Bharwan Bhindi

This Masaledaar Bharwan Bhindi is fit to grace any dastarkhwaan.

Crisp mini samosas: How to make India’s all time favourite snack

We bet you can’t have just one.