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Russia, France push UN resolutions on fighting Islamic State

Agreement from the 15-member council on a single draft resolution that lays out the international approach to defeating IS extremists would mark a significant step after months of disagreements between the West and Russia.

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Russia’s Putin voices opposition to International Tribunal for MH17

The Kremlin quoted Putin as saying a tribunal would be “inexpedient” because Russia still has “a lot of questions” about the investigation to which it had little access.

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Pentagon Chief Ash Carter urges balanced approach to Russian aggression

Ash Carter’s talks with NATO are sure to draw Putin’s ire as Moscow chafes under the prospect of continued sanctions.

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Putin: Russia, US need to work together towards common agendas

Putin softens his anti-American rhetoric after being highly critical after their relations reach an all time low.

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Russia to deliver missile systems to Iran; US, Israel concerned

Missile ban on Iran was lifted by the Russian president and will deliver some of it’s own S-300s for quick delivery.

Russia hints at lifting embargo on food imports from Greece

Putin hinted that Moscow could lift its embargo on food imports from Greece, which has been hurt by the ban.

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Putin ‘politically’ responsible for Nemtsov’s murder; he fought no one but him, says daughter

Her father was “a critic of Putin, he fought with Putin, with nobody else.”

When Moscow calls

Modi and Putin must have a candid dialogue on adapting bilateral ties to a changing world.

How to lead from within

Lifting the self-imposed ban on US oil exports would make America stronger and Putin and IS weaker.

Obama jokes about Putin, media at White House press dinner

Taking a jibe at Putin’s receiving the Nobel prize, Obama said, “To be fair, they give those to just about anybody these days.”

Obama’s Europe ties get new test in Russia dispute

Obama, during his visit, will also address the European frustrations, developing below the surface, with the US.

Obama issues fresh sanctions, targets Russians linked to Russia’s Crimea action

US expands its sanctions on Russians in response to the annexation of Crimea.

Russia’s Putin approves draft bill to annex Crimea

The decree signed by Putin and posted on the official government website is one of the steps to formalise the annexation of Crimea.

Putin recognises Crimean independence

West has consistently spoken out against Russia’s actions but has run into a wall of resistance from Moscow.

US ready to impose sanctions on Russia, Obama warns Putin

Sanctions could include bans on travel to the US and Europe, and a freeze on bank accounts and other assets.