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Pansare murder: SIT releases sketches of suspects

Two-motorcycle borne assailants followed Govind Pansare and his wife Uma Pansare while they were on a morning walk in Kolhapur and shot them.

Pune: We were ‘sexually abused’ by police, 3 youths held for robbery tell court

The trio was arrested by Daund police under the charges of robbing a truck driver with whom they had a brawl 10 day ago.

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Pune pizza delivery boy arrested for ‘molesting’ two minors

The incident took place on Saturday around 1.30 pm when he had gone to the residential society for a delivery.

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Parents queue up for anti-H1N1 shots for children

Serum Institute of India, 1.8 lakh vials of NasoVac (s) were available in December but there were no takers.

Army reacts, reopens ‘link’ road

Commuters had complained about the Army police stopping traffic from entering the road which is also an access point to other bylanes.

PCMC plans Rs 5-crore FOB , activists see bid to ‘appease’ MLA

Project cost has swelled from Rs 74 lakh to Rs 5.57 crore in ‘revised’ tender.

Long wait for justice — 1216 cases of crime against women pending in Pune courts

Legal experts say two special courts not enough; stress need for more judges.

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CCTV project ‘out of focus’ for police, civic bodies

Only 290 CCTV cameras in place though 1285 were supposed to have been installed in 444 spots.

3 cops die as van rolls down gorge

The patrolling van that was in constant communication with the control room lost contact after midnight, said the police.

City breathes hard, air pollution swings upward as mercury dips

As temperature goes down in winter, higher levels of particulate matter are recorded at ground level.

Hunt for youth voters on, two-week drive begins from December 1

Final voter list will be out on January 25, which is marked as the National Voters’ Day; drive will be held across 21 Assembly constituencies.

PCMC and traffic police turn a blind eye, encroachers rule the highway

Second-hand car dealers, mechanics, street vendors have almost taken over stretches as pedestrian movement and smooth flow of vehicular traffic take the hit.

City rips apart PMPML’s ‘anti-commuter’ move

CMO says aware of issues, will bring an IAS officer who can turn things around

Suicide note mentions name ‘responsible’ for death

Police ascertaining if it’s the ‘government officer’ with the same name who served in Pimpri-Chinchwad in the past.

Jagtap says he is broke, not buying voters

Laxman Jagtap, who has acquired the ungainly title of “TDR King of Pune”, has sprung a surprise. He wants voters to believe something they find difficult to digest. The Jagtap camp, known in Pimpri-Chinchwad for allegedly distributing cash and other benefits during every election he has contested, claimed that not a single paisa was being […]