President Bashar Al Assad

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‘Syria’s all-powerful Assad could not foresee rise of IS’

Heyman added that fighting against IS has to be an exercise that requires support from all quarters.

Russia’s new push for Syria dialogue unlikely to be fruitful

With its influence in the Middle East weakened, Moscow is trying to restart Syria talks that collapsed earlier.

Syrians chose their future in ‘legitimate’ poll: Russia

Russia felt “disappointment” at the “shallow politicised reaction” to the polls from “certain international partners,” the foreign ministry spokesman said.

Syrian forces seize key rebel town of Yabroud

Syrian military has seized a key town on the Lebanese border that was the target of a months-long army offensive.

Syria: Aid convoy hit trying to reach besieged Homs

The conflict has killed 130,000 people, driven millions from their homes and devastated whole districts of Syrian cities – particularly Homs.

UN fails to break deadlock in Syria talks

Talks interrupted after the regime railed against Washington instead of dealing with a transition of power.

Syria: Airstrike hits school,kills 12

Death toll is likely to rise because many of the wounded are in critical condition.

UN probe: 8 massacres by Syria regime,1 by rebels

UN commission investigating human rights abuses reveals intentional mass killings.

Syria army kills 80 in Hama: Activists

Assad’s forces began their assault on the city at dawn after besieging it for nearly a month.

A lyrical message for Syrian leader: ‘Come on Bashar,Leave’

As anthems go,this one is fittingly blunt. “Come on Bashar,leave,” it declares to President Bashar al-Assad.