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China to make more polluted land safe for agriculture by 2020: minister

A 2013 survey showed about 3.33 million hectares (8 million acres) of China’s farmland – an area the size of Belgium – was deemed too polluted to grow crops, with estimated clean-up costs amounting to 1 trillion yuan ($159 billion).

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India fourth worst country in curbing environment pollution

Failure to check air pollution, India ranked 177 out of 180 countries in the Environmental Performance Index’s latest rankings released on Tuesday in Davos.

India’s automated ocean pollution system to begin this year

It is estimated that more than 80 per cent of the pollution in the ocean is from lands with marine debris, especially plastics, killing thousands of seabirds, mammals and sea turtles every year.

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New catalyst can clean toxic nitrates from drinking water

Researchers have found a method to remove nitrates from water, by using a catalysts that can convert them to air and water.

Sweeping crackdown on polluting firms, ranking provinces on how green each is

Experts in Beijing say these measures are now being supplemented with strict action against all polluters — big and small, foreign and domestic.

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EDMC distributes 16,000 masks to sanitation workers

“It was found that the sanitation workers were not using masks even though the EDMC had provided them. We informed them that wearing masks is very important,” top EDMC official said.

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China factory output slows as government cracks down on pollution

The government has moved to wind down production at some steel factories and smelters in a drive to clean up the country’s smog-ridden cities

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United Airlines temporarily suspends Newark-Delhi flights over smog concern

According to the travel waiver, the change fee and any difference in fare will be waived for new United flights departing on or before November 18, 2017, as long as travel is rescheduled in the originally ticketed cabin (any fare class) and between the same cities as originally ticketed.​​

Delhi air pollution: City's 'dust' screen hiding bigger killers

Delhi air pollution LIVE updates: Kejriwal govt wants PM to convene emergency meeting; ‘Odd-Even’ to be implemented from November 13 till 17

Delhi air pollution Live Updates: Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has said the government is planning to re-launch its odd-even transport scheme.

As Delhi’s air pollution hits ‘severe’ levels, EPCA wants these 4 measures executed immediately

Delhi pollution: The pollution control body instructed the Delhi Metro to lower fares during off-peak hours for at least 10 days, introduce more coaches.

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Navi Mumbai sees worst air quality of season

Environmentalists from Navi Mumbai pointed to the presence of increased truck traffic in the area apart from construction activity for the increased pollution. 

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Strong wind reduces pollution but air quality still ‘severe’

At 12 pm on Saturday, the 24-hour rolling average of PM 2.5 and PM10 ultra-fine particulates were 206 and 357 microgram per cubic metre (µg/m3) respectively, as against Friday’s 407 and 595.

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Pollution lower than last year but health risk continues: AIIMS

While pollution levels recorded this Diwali are on the lower side compared to last year, the AIIMS official said it will still “make a dramatic difference in the overall health of the individual”.

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Less pollution in Delhi this Diwali but air quality still way above safe limits

On October 9, the Supreme Court had banned the sale of fireworks in Delhi-NCR to help regulate air pollution levels and assess the impact on air quality.

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‘Diwali night pollution in Delhi breached emergency levels’

The volume of pollutants were almost identical, at places even higher, when placed against the figures of 2014 or 2015, making it difficult to attribute the marginal dip to any particular factor