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Trump in Bethlehem to meet Palestinian president

Trump will meet Abbas at the presidential palace in Bethlehem, which holds deep significance as the site where Christians believe Jesus was born.

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Hamas sentences three Palestinians to death over commander’s killing

Hamas has sentenced 109 people to death and executed more than 20 of them under its judicial system since 2007

Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas hosted by President Mukherjee, Prime Minister Modi at Rashtrapati Bhawan

President Abbas’s visit comes ahead of Narendra Modi’s first-ever visit to Israel.

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Israel eases restrictions on Gaza fishermen

The measure was to enable the strip’s fishermen to maximise catches during the crucial summer fishing season, COGAT said.

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Barack Obama ‘significantly worried’ about status quo on Israel-Palestine conflict

Stressing that there is no alternative to a two-State solution, Barack Obama said that he has said this to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Two-state solution ‘only way’ to Israeli-Palestinian peace

Israel has settled some 600,000 of its citizens in the West Bank and east Jerusalem – occupied territories claimed by the Palestinians for a future independent state.

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Israel advances bill to remove online ‘incitement’ linked to ongoing Palestinian violence

The bill was passed in its first reading and requires two more before becoming law, said a statement from Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, one of its sponsors.

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Three days after they were closed, Israel reopens Palestinian crossing points

The West Bank village was put on lockdown after Tel Aviv shooting which killed four Israelis and wounded five others.

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Israel demolishes home of Palestinian family who killed a Jewish mother of six

Over the last eight months, Palestinians have carried out dozens of attacks on Israelis, mostly stabbings, shootings and car ramming assaults.

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Palestinians barred from entering Israel after Tel Aviv attack: Israel army

Palestinians temporarily barred from entering Israel after two Palestinian gunmen opened fire in central Tel Aviv on Wednesday night, killing three people and wounding at least five others.

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Israel freezes 83,000 Ramadan permits for Palestinians after shooting at Tel Aviv

Israel has always considered Ramadan permits to Palestinians as a goodwill gesture on their part

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June 6, 1976, Forty Years Ago: War Continues

The Government of India described the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to Soviet Union as “a further step in the consolidation of relations in accordance with the aspirations of the two peoples.”

Palestinian rams 3 Israelis with car in West Bank, shot dead

The injured Israelis were taken to hospital for treatment, a statement issued by the Army said without giving further details about their condition.

Jewish gang leader gets life for burning alive Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Abu Khdeir was kidnapped by Ben-David and two young accomplices from Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem on July 2,
2014 and beaten.

Israeli soldier charged for shooting wounded Palestinian in the head

The military prosecution said that the soldier “acted in contrast to the rules of opening fire and without any operational justification.”