Once Upon A Poll

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ONCE UPON A POLL: 12th Lok Sabha election

Failed coalition The elections to the 12th Lok Sabha were held in the backdrop of the inability of parties opposed to the BJP being unable to provide a government (United Front) that would last. The BJP was on a high, and the Congress saw one important change, almost a coup, as family loyalists brought Sonia […]

ONCE UPON A POLL: 11th Lok Sabha election (1996)

In a stunning performance, the BJP for the first time emerged the single largest party, a trend that was to continue in the nineties.

ONCE UPON A POLL: 15th Lok Sabha elections (2009)

April 16 to May 13   Changing Coalition The Congress-led coalition, the first of its kind, had lost the support of the Left eight months before the polls, in protest against the nuclear deal with the US. A controversial vote of confidence followed, which the UPA won easily. The Congress president clearly stated Manmohan Singh […]

ONCE UPON A POLL: 14th Lok Sabha (2004)

  Quick Call The incumbent Atal Bihari-led NDA was so confident of winning, buoyed by a strong performance of the BJP in the assembly polls in December 2003, that the elections were advanced by six months. Meanwhile, the Congress lacked confidence but fought doggedly with several alliances across states. The NDA launched an Indian Shining […]

ONCE UPON A POLL: 13th Lok Sabha (1999)

September 5 to October 3 Single-vote toppler This Lok Sabha’s turn saw a near-war with Pakistan after record breaking attempts at peace through a bus ride by a BJP-led government. The AIADMK’s J Jayalalithaa pulled support after a year of reluctantly handing the BJP a letter of support. In the vote of confidence called in […]

Once upon a poll: Ninth Lok Sabha Elections (1989)

Fall of the Congress and the idea of ‘supporting” a government from outside gained traction.

ONCE UPON A POLL: Eighth Lok Sabha Election (1984)

The Telugu Desam Party (TDS) founded by N T Rama Rao became the largest opposition party.

ONCE UPON A POLL: Tenth Lok Sabha Elections (1991)

The political career of India’s current PM of 10 years, Manmohan Singh, was launched at this time

ONCE UPON A POLL: Seventh Lok Sabha elections (1980)

It was the first election the Congress contested with its present symbol, the open palm.

ONCE UPON A POLL: Sixth Lok Sabha election (1977)

This was the poll in which Indira Gandhi lost her seat and was routed by Raj Narain

ONCE UPON A POLL: Fifth Lok Sabha election (1971)

This was the first elections after the Congress split in 1961

ONCE UPON A POLL: Fourth Lok Sabha election (1967)

This election is seen as the first of those to signal a break from the Congress hegemony of the first 20 years after Independence.

ONCE UPON A POLL: Third Lok Sabha election (1962)

The third in our series looking at the Lok Sabha polls of the past.

ONCE UPON A POLL: Second Lok Sabha elections (1957)

The Congress consolidated its grip further, with its seat count and vote share going up.

ONCE UPON A POLL: The first Lok Sabha elections (1951-52)

Independent India’s first polls under its brand new Constitution were spread over five months, between October 1951 and February 1952.