Net Neutrality

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US Senate backs effort to restore ‘net neutrality’ rules

US Senators opposed the FCC’s bid to repeal net neutrality rules set in 2015 by President Barack Obama. The vote was won 52-47.

US: 'Net neutrality' rules will expire on June 11, says Federal Communications Commission

US Net Neutrality rules will expire on June 11: FCC

Landmark US “net neutrality” rules will expire on June 11, and new regulations handing providers broad new power over how consumers can access the internet will take effect.

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Telecom Commission could discuss in-flight connectivity, net neutrality in May 1 meeting

In-flight connectivity and net neutrality rules could be in the offing, as the Telecom Commission will meet on May 1.

US appeals court in San Francisco will hear net neutrality appeal

US appeals court in San Francisco will hear net neutrality appeal

A dozen challenges have been filed by 22 state attorneys general, public interest groups, internet companies, a California county and the state’s Public Utilities Commission seeking to block the Trump administration’s repeal of landmark rules designed to ensure a free and open internet from taking effect.

US appeals court in San Francisco will hear net neutrality appeal

Washington becomes first state to approve net neutrality rules

Washington became the first state Monday to set up its own net-neutrality requirements after US regulators repealed Obama-era rules that banned internet providers from blocking content or interfering with online traffic.

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Mozilla, Vimeo initiate net neutrality legal battle gainst US FCC

Internet services company Mozilla and video platform Vimeo have led a legal suit against the US FCC, against its decision to roll back net neutrality rules set by the Obama administration.

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Facebook, Google back US congressional vote to keep the net neutral

The Internet Asociation, including tech giants Google and Facebook, has sent a letter to the US Senate, urging them to turn over the net neutrality repeal set by the FCC.

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Netflix’s success turns net neutrality into an afterthought

Once a vocal supporter of net neutrality rules, the rising success of Netflix means that the company can continue its march without pitching for equal internet rights.

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Wave of lawsuits filed against US FCC to block net neutrality repeal

The lawsuit filed against the US FCC, that seeks to roll back net neutrality rules set under former President Barack Obama, is set to begin from today.

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Internet Association to join expected Net Neutrality lawsuit

Internet Association members also include Airbnb, and several dozen online and social media companies.

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European Union no haven of net neutrality, say critics

Even as the US FCC recalled its net neutrality rules, analysts say that the European Union isn’t as supportive of a free internet as previously presumed.

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I had denied permission to Facebook’s Free Basics in India: Former telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

Former communications minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that he had denied permission to Facebook for their Free Basics programme, after the US FCC rolled back net neutrality rules.

US FCC Net Neutrality ruling

US FCC ruling on Net Neutrality step back in time

The lack of Net Neutrality in one of the world’s most important tech markets means that an online startup might not have the same chance of succeeding as an established player

Net Neutrality FCC lawsuit

After Net Neutrality gets voted out in US, States warm up for legal fight

After the FCC voted out Net Neutrality in US, many States are ready to fight back the decision with lawsuits

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Net Neutrality is over in the US after FCC vote: Here’s what it means

US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted to end Net Neutrality, which barred Internet service providers (ISPs) from discriminating or favouring websites.