Net Neutrality

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US Senate confirms Ajit Pai’s nomination for 2nd term at FCC

The US Senate today confirmed the nomination of Indian-American Ajit Varadaraj Pai to serve as the chairman of the powerful Federal Communications Commission for the second time despite Democratic complaints that he will undermine net neutrality.

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TRAI’s net neutrality views to be released by October; OTT consultation soon

Telecom regulator TRAI will come out with its views on net neutrality by October-end and also start consultation on “residual” issues around over-the-top (OTT) applications soon

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Microsoft and Google back Net Neutrality rules for broadband

Microsoft Corp. and Google pleaded with US regulators on Monday to preserve strong net neutrality rules, while AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. backed weakened oversight and said Congress should settle the issue that’s burned for more than a decade.

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Net Neutrality ideals are dead regardless of FCC: Gadfly

In principle large companies that sell internet connections shouldn’t give some digital data faster access nor should they cause internet blocks for others.

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US FCC chairman Ajit Pai proposes reversing Net Neutrality rules

US Federal Communications Commission head Ajit Pai has proposed overturning the 2015 net neutrality rules

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In the US, internet firms winding up for a fight on ‘net neutrality’

In the US, internet companies are readying for a showdown with telecoms and a Republican-controlled government over net neutrality

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Internet privacy furor previews coming war over Net Neutrality

US Congress’s decision to invalidate a set of internet privacy rules from the Obama administration set off a firestorm between Net neutrality supporters and Republicans.

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No more tension with Internet firms but clarify rules: Mittal

Operators have been demanding that app-based calling and messaging services should be brought under the licensing regime.

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TRAI shifts deadline for Net Neutrality comments to March 15

Telecom regulator Trai extended the last date for comments on the contentious Net neutrality by a month to March 15.

US telecommunications regulator closes ‘sponsored data’ probe

Net neutrality rules imposed by the FCC in 2015 require broadband providers to treat all data equally.

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TRAI issues new consultation paper on Net Neutrality, asks for public views

TRAI has invited public views on the contentious net neutrality issue to finalise a framework for the same.

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Trump picks regulation opponents to lead FCC transition

US President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of experts to focus on new policies at the Federal Communications Commission.

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TRAI to probe automatic video ads on websites to prevent involuntary data usage

TRAI is in the process of examining the problem of automatic video advertisements that buffer and use internet data on a website without the explicit authorisation of a consumer.

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Net neutrality: Regulator has another try with new paper

Net Neutrality: The department of telecommunications has said that it will take a holistic view on the subject only once Trai submits its recommendations.

TRAI exploring models for free Internet within Net Neutrality

The process opens up scope for those applications or platforms that promise to provide free data without the intention of ‘gate-keeping’ consumers on content access.