Net Neutrality

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Net-neutrality claims by FCC’s Ajit Pai leave out key context: Here’s a fact check

As US FCC chief Ajit Pai raises the argument for a rollback of net neutrality rules introduced by former President Barack Obama, here’s a check on claims made by Pai on the issue.

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Open, equal internet

India begs to differ with the US, as TRAI wisely backs net neutrality

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US FCC’s Ajit Pai defends net neutrality rollback, calls Twitter politically biased

The Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai accused social media company Twitter Inc of being politically biased on Tuesday as he defended his plan to roll back rules intended to ensure a free and open internet.

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Internet must be open: TRAI backs net neutrality

“The use of Internet should be facilitated in such a manner that it advances the free speech rights of citizens, by ensuring plurality and diversity of views, opinions and ideas,” recommended TRAI.

Trai proposals: Telcos, internet companies not on same page on net neutrality

Trai had in February last year barred telecom operators from imposing any sort of discrimination in content and services available on the internet on the basis of pricing.

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Huge things are going to happen on internet, it’s important to keep it open and free: Trai chairman RS Sharma

RS Sharma tells why it is important for the country to adopt a neutral internet.

TRAI recommendations on net neutrality: Here is how the regulator plans to monitor and enforce

Any violation of the core principles of net neutrality would involve a two-stage process of review and appeal “to ensure that decisions are objective, transparent and just”

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TRAI’s recommendations on Net Neutrality: Here’s how the industry responded

Reacting to the TRAI’s recommendations on Net Neutrality, the Internet Association of India said that that the recommendations are progressive and are in line with the debates in the industry and user groups that has been raging since the last two years.

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TRAI for net neutrality, seeks to restrict service providers from content discrimination

TRAI today has announced that net neutrality is important, and seeks to restrict internet service providers and mobile operators from discriminatory practices towards certain content.

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Internet businesses ask US Federal Communications Commission to keep net neutrality rules

AirBnb, Reddit, Shutterstock, Inc, Tumblr, Etsy, Twitter and a long list of small internet companies urged the Federal Communications Commission on Monday to scrap a plan to roll back net neutrality rules.

Protest outside Ajit Pai’s home in Virginia over net neutrality rules

Ajit Pai’s proposal is scheduled to come out to vote before FCC on December 14. This is expected to pass as the Republicans have five votes as against three from the Democratic Party.

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Right of Internet access non-negotiable, will be unrestricted: IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said at the Global Conference on Cyber Security that right to internet access is universal and not restricted by the Indian government.

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Once FCC rolls back ‘net neutrality’ rules, what will follow?

As the FCC calls back net neutrality rules set under the Obama administration, the rollback could be exploited by internet service providers and telecom companies.

Federal Communications Commissions to repeal net neutrality rules

Net Neutrality: Let’s worry about what the FCC has done to the Internet

If the FCC is able to change the rules, service providers in the US will now have the legal sanction to throttle a Netflix and force you to pay more for accessing this data-intense service. The customer will no longer be king, the service provider will.

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Net neutrality is fictional, irrespective of US FCC action

Big technology companies have a big space in private lives, such that their control of the internet cannot be greatly challenged.