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NASA’s 2018 calendar features artworks of two student winners from Tamil Nadu

Two children from Tamil Nadu have won NASA’s 2018 Commercial Crew Program Calendar Art Contest and their artworks, which were selected from over 3,000 entries, will be featured in the calendar.

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NASA’s small nuclear reactor ‘Kilopower’ to power a habitat on Mars

NASA is planning a mission that could send a nuclear fission reactor to Mars. This would be able to generate enough electricity to set up an outpost on the Red Planet.

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Super blue moon on January 31 will mark last of trilogy: NASA

The last in a series of three supermoons will take place on January 31, NASA said in a report. Given that it would be the second new moon of the month, the lunar eclipse is being keenly anticipated.

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NASA telescopes provide 3D journey through Orion Nebula

NASA has introduced a 3-minute video of the Orion Nebula, created through photos and data, that give stargazers a unique view of the universe.

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SpaceX’s Dragon capsule returns to Earth from the International Space Station

SpaceX’s Dragon cargo spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday after nearly four weeks in space.

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Citizen scientists discover five new exoplanets

The size of each planet’s orbit appears to be a ratio of the other orbits, suggesting that all five planets originally formed together in a smooth, rotating disc, and over eons migrated closer in towards their star.

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Hubble telescope spots biggest population of brown dwarfs in Orion Nebula

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has detected new stars in the Orion Nebula, called brown dwarfs.

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Steep slopes on Mars reveal structure of buried ice: NASA

NASA has revealed that Mars’ middle latitudes contain ice layers below the surface, which are estimated to be 100 metres deep.

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NASA’s upcoming space telescope to explore nearby stars, find life on other planets

Scientists will launch a space telescope in the near future, to understand the effect stars have on planets. The studies will help understand if the planets orbiting these stars could have life on them.

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SpaceX launches secretive Zuma spacecraft

SpaceX has launched the Zuma spacecraft, a secretive US government mission, which had been delayed from its initial November date.

NASA astronaut John Young dies at 87: A glimpse at his illustrious career

Before the historic Apollo 10 mission, Young became the first astronaut to orbit the moon alone.

US astronaut John Young passes away at 87

First shuttle commander US astronaut John Young passes away at 87

John Young died Friday night following complications from pneumonia.

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Boeing, SpaceX progressing towards first crewed missions in 2018: NASA

Boeing and SpaceX will be testing spacecraft, as both plan to schedule manned missions, NASA has said.

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NASA to launch two missions to explore new space

To understand the ionosphere, a little-understood region of the Earth’s upper atmosphere, NASA will launch two missions, titled ICON and GOLD.

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NASA-inspired ‘speed breeding’ technique boosts wheat production by upto 3 times

A NASA technique of providing continuous light to improve crop yields has helped an Australian research team achieve three times higher reproduction in wheat.