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Consumers Reports pulls recommendation for Microsoft Surface Laptop, Surface Book

Consumer Reports is pulling its recommendation of four Microsoft laptops after one of its surveys found that users were complaining about problems with the devices. The consumer advocacy group said Thursday that it can no longer recommend Microsoft devices.

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Facebook secures more profit per employee than Microsoft, Google: Study

Facebook has leapfrogged Microsoft and Google’s parent company Alphabet in securing maximum profit per employee in the second quarter of 2017 while Twitter suffered a hefty loss, a media report said. Facebook employed 20,658 persons in the past quarter.

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Microsoft kills Word Flow keyboard for iOS

Microsoft has killed its Word Flow keyboard for iOS, and is encouraging users to download SwiftKey Keyboard instead. Microsoft Word Flow keyboard has been removed from the App Store as well. Microsoft Word Flow for iOS was launched in April last year.

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Microsoft testing smart image search for Photos app in Windows 10

Microsoft is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify and sort pictures based on different categories like colours, months, and faces. The smart search feature in Photos app for Windows 10 and Mobile is being tested by the company.

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Microsoft to reward up to $250,000 bounty to bug finders

To ensure Windows 10 is secure and bug-free, Microsoft has announced a fresh round of Windows Bounty Programme that will reward the bug finders up to $250,000 if they are able to discover exploits in Microsoft’s virtualisation software. Bounty payouts will range from $500 to $250,000.

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Microsoft Kaizala Pro launched in India: The new platform for mobile productivity

Microsoft has announced Kaizala Pro, which is an enterprise-based messaging product designed for the Indian market. Kaizala is also available on iOS and Android as a messaging app, and ready to download for regular users. This is Microsoft’s messaging platform geared for enterprises and productivity.

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To kill or not to kill MS Paint? Here’s what Microsoft said after Twitterati’s nostalgic trip

There was a lot of buzz that MS Paint would be no more, but looking at all the out-pour of love on social media, Microsoft decided to ‘erase’ its brush with death and tweeted a picture with the caption: “Microsoft Paint: Here to stay!”

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Microsoft Paint will be removed from Windows 10: Here’s when it will happen

Microsoft Paint is on the chopping block, if you go by a recent announcement from the company, which has put out list of features that will be removed or deprecated in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. There’s no word on the final date when Paint will be removed.

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Microsoft MS Paint is getting axed from Windows 10, and people are not happy

It’s the end of an era as Microsoft is planning to remove the legendary Paint software from the upcoming Windows 10 update. Paint will be removed entirely in a future update. MS Paint has been in existence for over 32 years, since the company released the first Windows operating system in 1985.

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Quest for AI leadership pushes Microsoft further into chip development

Microsoft Corp. says it has the answer with a chip design for its HoloLens goggles—an extra AI processor that analyzes what the user sees and hears right there on the device rather than wasting precious microseconds sending the data back to the cloud.

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Microsoft cloud to help Baidu self-driving car effort

Microsoft’s cloud computing platform will be used outside China for collaboration by members of a self-driving car alliance formed by Chinese internet search giant Baidu, the companies have announced. Microsoft is one of the 50 entities that have joined an Apollo alliance created by Baidu in April.

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Microsoft and Google back Net Neutrality rules for broadband

Microsoft Corp. and Google pleaded with US regulators on Monday to preserve strong net neutrality rules, while AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. backed weakened oversight and said Congress should settle the issue that’s burned for more than a decade.

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Cyberspace new battlefield, need to combat cyber attacks: Microsoft

“What started a decade-and-a-half ago as a sense that there were some teenagers in the basement hacking their way has moved so far beyond that. It has morphed into sophisticated international organised crime and, worse, sophisticated nation state attacks,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith.

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Microsoft’s Seeing AI iPhone app will narrate the world for blind

Microsoft’s free iPhone ‘Seeing AI’ app, can read out short snippets of text, describe people, identify products and currency denominations, and take a stab at identifying the objects in a person’s surroundings. The app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help the blind see the world around them like never before.

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Microsoft creates new AI lab to take on Google’s DeepMind

The new lab, called Microsoft Research AI, will be based at the company’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and involve more than 100 scientists from across various sub-fields of artificial intelligence research, including perception, learning, reasoning and natural language processing.