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ATTENTION EDITORS - VISUAL COVERAGE OF SCENES OF DEATH Residents carry the body of one of the victms of an armed attack as police officers guard the perimeter of a crime scene in Coxcatlan, in Puebla state, Mexico, June 10, 2016. REUTERS/Stringer EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVE.

Eleven members of a family found shot to death in Mexico, one of the dead women had been raped

The investigators are suspecting a rapist who impegnated one of the victims behind the murders

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In efforts to counter Trump’s anti-Mexican rhetoric, Mexico increases dialogue with US firms

Mexico is making a case to American companies to increase bilateral economic ties between the two nations.

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Amid rising deaths by opioids, US, Mexico and Canada to reveal combat plan

The area under poppy cultivation in Mexico grew from 10,500 hectares to 28,000 hectares between 2012 and 2015.

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Mexican President Nieto drives PM Narendra Modi to restaurant for vegetarian dinner

Earlier, Nieto also took to Twitter to welcome Modi, who flew in from Washington for a brief visit to Mexico.

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Mexico backs India’s bid to join NSG non-proliferation body; PM Modi thanks President Nieto

The NSG works under the principle of unanimity and even one country’s vote against India will scuttle its bid.

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PM Modi arrives in Mexico, holds restricted level talks with President Enrique Peña Nieto

The Mexican President will be hosting a dinner for PM Modi and after the dinner, he would be taking off from Mexico to return to India.

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Mexico mass grave includes a two-week old foetus and two children among other 114 bodies, say officials

More than 28,000 people have been missing in Mexico since the last decade due to cases of drug-related violence

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Mexican president proposes legalising same-sex marriage

If it is approved, Mexico would become the fifth country in Latin America to make same-sex marriage legal.

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New prison for drug boss ‘El Chapo’ seen as less secure

“El Chapo” first broke out of prison in 2001 and spent more than a decade on the run, becoming one of the world’s most-wanted fugitives

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Mexico City bans 40 per cent of cars again over air pollution

The new rules keep one-in-five cars off the road every day, but the alert issued yesterday will double the ban on today.

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Death toll rises to 32 in Mexico petrochemical plant blast

The Clorados 3 plant of Petroquimica Mexicana de Vinilo produces the hazardous industrial chemical vinyl chloride.

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Mexico blast: Death toll rises to 24 in petrochemical plant tragedy, Pemex says unclear what caused the accident

A litany of safety disasters have plagued the state oil giant and killed several people in the last few years

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US border agents seize tons of cocaine, marijuana from longest Mexico-California drug tunnel yet

The latest tunnel, excavated 46 feet beneath the surface, ran from the bottom of an elevator shaft built into a house in Tijuana to a hole in the ground on the US side enclosed within a fenced-in lot set up as a pallet business.

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Mexico: Pope Francis urges govts to ‘open hearts’ to migrants

“They are our brothers and sisters, who are being expelled by poverty and violence, drug trafficking and organized crime,” said Pope.

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Pope Francis concludes five-day trip to Mexico

He sought to offer comfort while taking Mexico’s political and religious leaders to task for failing to do good for their people.

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