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Celebrities carry white roses in solidarity with the ‘Time’s Up’ and ‘Me Too’ movements at Brit Awards 2018

Singer Ed Sheeran who was also among the prominent celebs who carried the roses at the annual awards ceremony said the #MeToo and Time’s Up campaigns were long overdue. “I think it should have happened sooner, but I’m glad it is happening”, he said.

Taslima Nasreen tweets masturbation better ‘than rape and murder’, after man caught masturbating in Delhi bus

While Taslima Nasreen goes on to tweet that “men have to give up on misogyny to let half of human species live safely”, she initially reacts to the horrific incident of a man masturbating in a Delhi bus by saying that it should not seen as a “big crime” in the era of “rape culture”. “Men should rather masturbate, than rape and murder.

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Muslim women share sexual harassment incidents during Hajj with #MosqueMeToo

Did you ever think that holy pilgrimages like the Hajj could be unsafe for women too? A woman named Sabica Khan took to Facebook to share her #MeToo moment at Mecca, and helped many others shed light to their stories too.

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Teen skier’s reply from the South Pole to trolls who asked her to make a sandwich instead is winning the Internet

“I made you a sandwich (ham & cheese), now ski 37 days and 600km to the South Pole and you can eat it.” — read a part of Jade Hameister’s Facebook post which effectively comes under the category of one of the classiest clapbacks to trolls in recent Internet history.

Arunachal woman molested, beaten up

US tourist lauds Goa police for arresting molester, invokes #MeToo

The victim was molested by one Isidore Fernandes, 44, a resident of Anjuna, when he was ferrying her on his motorcycle taxi during the Republic Day weekend in Goa

Justin Trudeau on NAFTA

Canada debates new harassment legislation amid #MeToo storm

The government’s legislation would outline procedures from employers to deal with allegations of harassment and bullying, add the option of an outside investigator, and enforce privacy rules to protect victims.

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‘Women should not be seen only through their sexuality’: Nigerian author Abubakar Adam Ibrahim on feminism and African literature

On the sidelines of the recently concluded Jaipur Literature Festival, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim spoke to indianexpress.com about all this, while shedding light on the regressive practices in Nigeria.

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Grammy Awards 2018: White roses, feminist poem and anti-abortion dress — social symbolism through fashion

Grammy Awards 2018: Taking things forward from the sea of black at the Golden Globe Awards, the stars at Grammys turned up with a white rose as boutonniere. Others used the platform to highlight other social issues.

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A YouTube compilation of sexist scenes from James Bond films has left many Internet users uneasy

The YouTube video shows scenes from Thunderball, wherein James Bond walks into the bathroom of a woman, without waiting for her permission, and when she asks him to hand her something she could put on before stepping out of the bath-tub, he hands her a pair of heels.

Jaipur Literature Festival: Helen Fielding on creating Bridget Jones, chick lit and number one dating advice

Helen Fielding, the author of Bridget Jones Diaries, was attending the Jaipur Literature Festival and answered questions the audience had in store for her. From doling out “the No. 1 dating rule” to talking about the #MeToo campaign, Fielding left the audience wanting for more.

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Pakistani Twitter users get #StopVulgarityOnMedia trending; demand ban on Bollywood films, skin show to stop ‘more Zainab stories’

“The growing vulgarity on the media is enough to destabilise our society. We must as one voice try to stop this, by lowering their TRP. If we stop watching, who will they produce for?” wrote one Twitter user.

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Video: Malala Yousafzai’s WEF session in Davos on #MeToo, feminism and girl child education is inspiring

Malala Yousafzai, during an interaction at the ongoing World Economic Forum at Davos, emphasised on how investing in girl child education is one of the ways by which the government and business sector can contribute towards women empowerment.

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Pakistani journalist’s shocking remarks on child sexual abuse and rape trigger outrage on Twitter

Additionally, another tweet where Fasih Ahmed ‘explains’ rape has gone viral too, in spite of his deleting it. ““Rape by, say, Obama is rape. Rape by, say, Tom Cruise is everyone’s dream come true. All subjective” reads the tweet.

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Amber Tamblyn’s tweets about being ‘coerced’ into sex after the Aziz Ansari controversy spark debate

Actor and director Amber Tamblyn joined force in explaining how the #MeToo movement was so much more than people’s opinions of what it was. She said that coercing a woman into having sex is an “abuse of power” and is no less a form of sexual assault in itself.

WATCH: Wondering what counts as sexual assault and what doesn’t? This video will clear all your doubts

Although the conversations about sexual assault continued after the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the need to seek and comprehend non-verbal consent came to the fore only after the Aziz Ansari case. In case, you are still confused, watch British comedian Rachael Parris as she clears all your doubts.