Margaret Thatcher

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Auction gold: Margaret Thatcher’s wedding dress, power suits, handbags up for sale

Up to 350 historic and personal items related to The Iron Lady are on offer.

Don’t press send

It’s hard to summon up persuasively witty, insouciant prose when you are burning with offended pride.

Still waiting

Modi government has made tactical changes, not strategic policy shifts, to restart growth.

Meeting point

But the more difficult interventions pivot on making the NDC self-healing, potent and creative.

High stakes

The government must overhaul the regulatory apparatus to prevent this from happening again.

Indira Gandhi asked Margaret Thatcher to stop helping Sri Lanka against LTTE

Indira Gandhi had asked Margaret Thatcher to stop helping Sri Lanka with military advice to crush the LTTE.

‘MI5 officers visited Golden Temple as tourists’

Book released in 2007 says Indira Gandhi was told to be patient, avoid action.

British PM orders probe into Thatcher govt link

operation bluestar: Documents show SAS men sent to aid planning.

Lt Gen Brar says Op Bluestar never got any British assistance, but BJP wants ‘truth’ to come out

Lt Gen (Retd) K S Brar said operation was executed by Indian military commanders.

How to Raise Your Child

Or the battle of the nidiculous and the nidifugous

Iron Lady laid to rest

Thatcher was given a ceremonial funeral with military honors

Unabashed and Fearless

Margaret Thatcher lived up to her convictions,unfazed by peer opinion

BBC faces dilemma as anti-Margaret Thatcher song tops chart

No.1 spot on the U.K. singles chart was launched by Thatcher

Rue Margaret Thatcher in Paris? Pourquoi pas,some ask

In London,government ministers have proposed erecting a statue of Thatcher at Trafalgar Square.

Thatcher’s views on migrants blatantly racist: Aus minister

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr said British leader Margaret Thatcher made an “unabashedly racist” comment,recalling his conversation on Asian migration