Mahmoud Abbas

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attacks Hamas, calls US ambassador 'son of a dog'

Palestinian President Abbas confirms medical checks, says results ‘positive’

Abbas, 82, flew to the United States to address the UN Security Council in New York on February 20.

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Palestinian leader calls for peace conference by mid-2018

Mahmoud Abbas outlined the Palestinian vision for peace, insisting “we are ready to begin negotiations immediately,” but stressing that it has become “impossible for one country alone to solve a regional or international conflict.”

Mahmoud Abbas to visit Gaza within a month for Palestinian unity bid: official

Abbas has not visited the enclave since his forces were pushed out in 2007 by Islamists Hamas, who have controlled it ever since.

Hamas dissolves Gaza administration, agrees to hold elections in Palestinian unity bid

In Sunday’s statement, Hamas spoke of the “dissolution” of the administrative committee, which was seen as a rival government to Abbas’s administration.

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Palestinian lawmakers from Hamas say President Abbas halted salaries

Lawmakers from the Hamas militant group say they have not received their monthly salaries, in a move they suspect is orchestrated by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, while Abbas’ Palestinian Authority had no comment on the same.

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Why India seeks friendships with both Palestine, Israel: Strong, but not hyphenated

The brand new state had been carved out of Palestine, and India was a friend of its fellow underdog.

Abbas slams Netanyahu’s link of Palestinians to Holocaust

Abbas deplored Netanyahu’s comments a week earlier referring to Nazi sympathizer Haj Amin al-Husseini, a former grand mufti of Jerusalem.

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President Mahmoud Abbas cites risk of new Palestinian uprising if Aqsa mosque violence continues

Abbas sees Israel’s actions at al-Aqsa as an attempt to change the long-standing status quo under which Jewish access is permitted but Jewish prayer banned.

Palestinians hurl eggs at Canadian foreign minister’s convoy

Baird is in the region for five days of meetings with Israeli and Palestinian officials.

Abbas dramatically challenges Israel after 10 cautious years

Abbas will appeal to Arab League officials to give $100 million a month to make up for the Israeli sanctions.

Missing leader report

As things stand, the Palestinian issue continues to defy a resolution.

Israel threatens more punitive steps against Palestinians

On Sunday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said officials were considering going back to the council.

End of Gaza war doesn’t translate into peace

Closer to home and with the Gaza situation still in flux, there is nothing to suggest peacemaking with Abbas, said Israeli sources.

Hamas chief backs International Criminal Court bid

There was no immediate reaction from Israel, which has opposed involving the court.

Israel-Gaza crisis: Abbas-led Palestinian body backs Hamas truce demands in Gaza

Egypt has tried to get both sides to hold fire and then negotiate terms for protracted calm in the Palestinian enclave.