Lok Sabha Polls

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Left parties oppose simultaneous polls; Congress says ready for early Lok Sabha election

The CPI leader said the Constitution has clearly defined multi-party democracy and “simultaneous polls are not feasible as the central government cannot force all state governments to go for polls during Lok Sabha elections”.

Amit Shah attacks Naveen Patnaik for keeping Odisha ‘backward’

“I can clearly see love and affection among the people for (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi and the BJP. While the people of Odisha are now with the BJP, our party is also eager to serve them and pull the state out of poverty and backwardness,” Amit Shah said.

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Polls apart

Clubbing general election with assembly polls goes against the spirit of federalism.

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Par panel for common electoral roll for Lok Sabha to panchayat polls

While EC is entrusted with the task of holding Lok Sabha and Assembly polls, the State Election Commissions supervise elections to local bodies.

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In Graphs: BJP slide after the gains

Indian Express tracks how BJP vote shares surged in Lok Sabha polls, then dipped. UP assembly polls are in 2017.

Not heard in Bangalore

At its national executive, the BJP’s silences were as loud as its deliberations

Akhilesh to attend CMs’ meet called by Modi

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday expressed hope that the Centre will consider Uttar Pradesh sympathetically as the BJP had received huge support from the state in the Lok Sabha polls. “When country’s Prime Minister, Home Minister and Defence Minister, along with maximum number of MPs, are from the state, then maximum advantage should also […]

Narendra Modi in Jharkhand: Emphasises BJP always took care of tribals, targets Sorens

PM Narendra Modi cited that the Chhattisgarh state government as an example of the model of governance he is promoting.

Article 370 decision rests with people, says Rajnath

Rajnath blamed opponents for creating a divide between the Jammu and Kashmir regions.

Modi in 3D, among the masses

The three vehicles have arrived from Gujarat; two will travel through Jammu region and the third will go to Kashmir.

With shakhas, bal shakhas, RSS spreads its tentacles in city

A BJP leader says since the Lok Sabha polls, the number of people seeking to join shakhas and become RSS members has increased

Narendra Modi’s first test: The high-stake elections in Maharashtra, Haryana

The Congress-NCP combine has been ruling the state for 15 years.

Campa Cola residents get poll promises yet again

The issue of regularization of their illegal flats had also been on the agenda of candidates during the Lok Sabha polls.

In Congress fortress of Dharavi, Sushma woos voters in Haryanvi

Pointing to the lack of development and the continued “slum status”, she added, “The Congress has been dominant in Dharavi for 30 years.

Congress-NCP’s Marathas quota yet to hit home

Sambhajiraje’s brother Chatrapati Molajiraje had contested on a Congress ticket from Kolhapur (North) Assembly seat last time but lost.