Lok Sabha Polls Result

Result: 1- 8 out of 15 Article found

Dissidents raise heat but offer Gogoi a breather

Sarma also warned Gogoi of “consequences” if he continued to remain “arrogant”.

Failed politics, winning economics

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the UPA lost despite an inclusive, growing economy.

Most BJP’s re-elected MPs see 100% raise in assets

BJP veteran L K Advani, who contested from Gandhinagar, saw his assets rise by 114 per cent.

AAP redraws strategy, to hold ‘chintan shivirs’

Both Ware and Mittal said the result was not expected, given the response they had got during campaigning.

They all want in

The Karnataka BJP expects around two ministerial positions — one of Cabinet rank and a minister of state

Four parties risk losing national status

The CPM, CPI, NCP and BSP — could face the risk of losing their status as national parties.

BJD at its highest vote share, Congress lowest

In 2009, the Congress had secured 29.1 per cent of the total votes in the Assembly and won 27 seats.

In Tamil Nadu, Congress loses status of ‘influential minority’

In 2004, the Congress, in alliance with the DMK, garnered 14.40 per cent votes to emerge as the third largest party.

Innocent, the Kerala comedian who beat veteran P C Chacko

His candidature had raised eyebrows within the CPM itself as he was pitted against a seasoned Congressman like Chacko.

AAP’s Mann promises to pay back people’s love through welfare

Having polled 5.5 lakh votes out of a total 11 lakh, Mann feels he has been burdened with people’s love.

Fatigue factor led to UPA’s defeat: Kamal Nath

He also admitted that the corruption issue was mismanaged by the UPA.

Despite zeroes, Cong wrecks Jagan’s maths

What hobbled the YSRCP was the 12.1 per cent votes won by the Congress, eating into its share.

All AAP candidates in Karnataka lose deposits

AAP candidates were subjected to frequent questioning by voters on why it gave up its government in Delhi in 49 days.

Funniest election result jokes

Here are the funniest jokes on the election results, from the humorists of Twitter.

Rationalists’ body challenges astrologers to predict poll results

FIRA said the association wanted to uphold scientific temperament and debunk superstitious claims.