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Our technologies to keep empowering India in 2018: Microsoft

Microsoft India’ chairman, Anand Maheshwari, has said that the company will continue to build on its projects across India, assisting governments, agencies and communities.

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Microsoft’s cloud services offering to help digitally transform data storage firm

Microsoft’s enterprise cloud services got its first customer, as datacentre maintenance firm Park Place Technologies has become its first client.

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Bitcoin-related job postings rise on LinkedIn listings, as cryptocurrency surges

New data from LinkedIn claims that Bitcoin-related job postings on their career-oriented platform have risen 900% in the financial sector over the last 3 years, and grown 460% in the software tech listings.

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Here is why LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner’s selfie at an employee’s desk has gone viral

Mariah Walton, an Analaytics Manager at LinkedIn, before leaving on her vacation, thought it best to remind Weiner of her contributions to the organisation and came up with a witty dispatch to address the CEO.

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LinkedIn rolls out ‘Career Advice’ professional mentoring feature for India’s 45 million users

LinkedIn on Wednesday rolled out its “Career Advice” feature in India that will help its over 45 million members in the country seek professional guidance from experienced mentors.

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LinkedIn brings Resume Assistant feature to bring job insights to Microsoft Word

LinkedIn has launched a useful feature called Resume Assistant to bring the insights of the professional networking site directly into Microsoft Word.

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‘Most professionals in India curious about new opportunities’

While preparing for an interview, the report said, 49 per cent of candidates visit company websites, 47 per cent use search engines and 35 per cent use professional networks to learn about the company and its employees and the position being offered.

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LinkedIn Lite Android App launched in India

Professional networking giant LinkedIn on Thursday rolled out the ‘LinkedIn Lite’ Android app, a faster and lighter version of its flagship app, in India. The Lite app offers a seamless and intuitive experience of LinkedIn to users on Android’s operating system.

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Microsoft’s Nadella banks on LinkedIn data to challenge Salesforce

Microsoft Corp is rolling out upgrades to its sales software that integrates data from LinkedIn,an initiative for building specialized business software.

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Facebook’s new Jobs tab could take on LinkedIn

Facebook contests its new feature will help out small businesses in particular, an area where LinkedIn lags.

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Cloud helps Microsoft log strong second quarter growth

Riding on its Cloud services, Microsoft on Friday announced revenues of $26.1 billion for the second quarter of fiscal year 2017 which exceeded analysts projections. While revenue in Intelligent Cloud (which includes its Azure cloud business) was $6.9 billion — an increase of eight per cent (up 10 per cent in constant currency) — the […]

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Russia asks Apple, Google to remove LinkedIn from app stores

LinkedIn responded that the company was “disappointed” with the decision by Russian regulators to block the service.

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Microsoft’s Satya Nadella outlines vision on LinkedIn integration

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about the immediate terms the companies will follow after successful acquisition of LinkedIn

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Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition gets final approval from EU regulators

European Union has approved the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft, which is valued at $26 billion.

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Microsoft offers EU hardware, software LinkedIn concessions

Microsoft will allow LinkedIn’s rivals access to its software and give hardware makers option of installing other services.