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Why hot climate fuels aggression, violence

Combination of a hot climate and less variation in seasonal temperatures leads to more aggression and violence.

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Decoded: Why you are nasty when you’re sleep deprived

Missing sleep results in depletion of your self-control, which can potentially lead to several negative outcomes.

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Breastfeeding can reduce behavioural disorders in children: Study

The duration of exclusive breastfeeding of an infant has greater importance than previously realised in several areas of development.

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Hunger in childhood linked to aggression in adulthood

Good nutrition is linked to not only academic success, but also behavioural patterns.

Supportive parenting linked to richer, happier kids later

Strict parental ways may lead to high salaries and academic achievement, but at the cost of reduced happiness and increased stress levels.

Why older people are less confident of their memory

Researchers found that older participants wandered into a brief ‘mental time travel’ when trying to recall details.

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Children find attractive people more trustworthy: Study

Like adults, children also look to a person’s attractiveness as an indication of their character.

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Our happiness is affected by other people’s fortunes

Researchers have developed an equation to predict how happy people will be based not only on what happens to them, but also what happens to the people around them.

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Video gamers likely to delay bedtime by 100 minutes: Study

The findings of the study strongly support the inclusion of video gaming as an addictive behaviour.

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Short exposure to blue light helps in faster decision making

Blue light — present in electronic screens — can be used in occupational settings where alertness and quick decision making are important.

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A Something on a Summer’s Day

Before it got misplaced in the cycle of seasons and humdrum life, summers meant vacations, grandmothers houses and endless possibilities

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Your midnight bedtime is probably making you fat

Late sleep timing is associated with poorer diet quality and vegetable and dairy intake.

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Why babies melt our hearts

Cuteness is a very potent protective and survival mechanism.

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Comparing partner could make or break your relationship

How well our partners fulfil our ideal preferences is not as important as how they compare to other available potential mates.

Religious women less likely to die of heart disease, cancer

According to a study, women who frequently attend religious services tend to have fewer depressive symptoms and are more likely to be married.