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Ukraine says won’t pull back troops without full ceasefire

Kiev and pro-Russian rebels are supposed to pull back their forces and weaponry to create a 30-kilometre wide buffer zone.

Putin wants to destroy Ukraine and recreate USSR: Ukraine PM

Vladimir Putin wants another frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine, says Yatseniuk.

‘Russian soldiers crossed Ukraine border by accident’

Ukraine’s security service said that 10 Russian paratroopers were captured near the Ukrainian village of Dzerkalne.

Rebels to ‘guarantee safety’ of monitors if Kiev argees truce

Donetsk People’s Republic’s Dy Premier Andrei Purgin urged Kiev to “immediately conclude such an agreement” with the rebels.

Ukraine army will push on with offensive against rebels – Defence Minister

Speaking after 14 servicemen were killed by rebels the minister said: “Our given task is to bring peace and order to the region.”

Fighting in east Ukraine kills 4 troops, wounds 30

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry says 4 officers have been killed and 30 wounded in gunbattles with pro-Russia militants.

Ukraine declares two days of mourning after bloodshed

The Kremlin and Ukraine traded accusations over the violence, with Kiev saying the Odessa violence had been “coordinated by sabotage groups from Russia”.

Ukraine crackdown on pro-Moscow separatists gets off to apparently slow start

President says that operation is underway in eastern Donetsk region, Rebels continue occupation in quiet Slaviansk

Ukraine aid bill faces hurdles, moves ahead in U.S. Senate

The measure also includes reforms to the International Monetary Fund that are opposed by many congressional Republicans.

Crimeans vote to leave Ukraine, join Russia

As the votes were counted, a crowd gathered in the center of Simferopol to celebrate with song and dance.

Crimea referendum: Region holds vote to join Russia as turmoil sweeps Ukraine

The choice is between joining Russia or taking more powers but staying in Ukraine. Status quo not an option.

Clashes in Ukraine as rival rallies raise tensions

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk vowed Ukraine would not cede “an inch” of its territory to Moscow.

Russia Today presenter quits on air over Ukraine

Liz Wahl accused Russia Today of whitewashing moves by Vladimir Putin.

Russia tightens grip in Crimea, West threatens ‘consequences’

Kremlin reportedly orders Ukrainian forces in Crimea to surrender or face attack.

Obama calls leaders of UK, Poland and Germany on Ukraine

The leaders stressed that the dialogue between Ukraine and Russia should start immediately.