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John F Kennedy’s Harvard medallion may fetch $25k at auction

The Harvard Crimson bronze medallion, measuring 38 millimetres in diameter, features a raised Harvard seal – a quill and a scroll

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US releases new trove of secret John F Kennedy assassination files

The National Archives said the other documents published online were from the Justice Department, the Defence Department and a House committee which conducted an inquiry into Kennedy’s November 22, 1963 assassination in Dallas, Texas

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JFK files authorized for release with some redactions: FBI

President Donald Trump said he had “no choice” but to agree to requests from the CIA, FBI and other agencies to continue withholding some documents to protect national security and individual identities.

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JFK files release is Donald Trump’s latest clash with spy agencies

United States President Donald Trump returned to the topic in a Saturday night tweet: “JFK Files are released, long ahead of schedule!” The deadline set by law came Thursday, the day the documents were released.

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Donald Trump frustrated by secrecy with John F Kennedy files

Like much else surrounding investigations of the 1963 killing of President John F Kennedy, Thursday’s release of 2,800 records from the JFK files was anything but smooth.

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Oswald-KGB link to CIA’s anti-Castro plots: Here’s what declassified Kennedy files reveal

What is apparent to experts at this point is that the final JFK documents are only one surviving piece, that too only partially revealed, from a much larger trail that is either destroyed and unreleased

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Donald Trump releases some John F Kennedy files, blocks others under pressure

John F Kennedy assassination files: In a memo to government agency heads, US President Donald Trump said the American people deserved as much access as possible to the records.

US set to release JKF assassination files, President Trump tweets ‘so interesting’

In 1992, Congress passed the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act, which directed the National Archives to collect all information related to the assassination and release it within 25 years, barring exceptions designated by the president. The deadline is Thursday.

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Final trove of documents to offer new details on John F Kennedy’s assassination

Thousands of books, articles, TV shows and films have explored the idea that Kennedy’s assassination was the result of an elaborate conspiracy.

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Donald Trump has no plan to block scheduled release of John F Kennedy’s assassination files

Congress mandated in 1992 that all assassination documents be released within 25 years, but Trump has the power to block them.

Thousands turn up in America to celebrate John F Kennedy’s 100th birthday

A wreath-laying ceremony also was held to honor the 35th U.S. president, John F. Kennedy at his gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. The late president’s commitment to service also was celebrated at a Saturday ceremony co-hosted by the National Peace Corps Association.

Marilyn Monroe biopic gets green light

A biopic on the life of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe is currently being developed by Lifetime.

Death mystery fuels JFK movie,book industry

The 50th anniversary of the killing of America’s 35th president has renewed the spotlight on him.

Brother stole JFK’s brain after assassination: Book

The book is to come out on November 12,a few weeks before the 50th anniversary of J F Kennedy’s death.

Anne Hathaway lends voice to new Kennedy documentary

Anne Hathaway,Jessica Chastain and Channing Tatum have lent their voices to a new documentary on President John F Kennedy.