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Amid growing tensions in Kashmir, JuD chief Hafiz Saeed cries ‘jihad’

“We extend help to Kashmiris alongside the the Pakistani government….we call this jihad,” said Hafiz Saeed.

UK set to raise terror threat level: Report

Five men were charged last Oct in connection with an alleged plot to shoot police and soldiers.

ISIS, IS, Al-Qaida

France grapples with homegrown jihadism

A new video from the Islamic State group showed three Kalashnikov-wielding Frenchmen burning their passports.

Jihadis on cruise ships to join extremists in Syria and Iraq

Top Interpol officials said that would-be jihadi fighters are booking tickets on cruise ships to join extremists.

Notes of a Jihadi

Before the naming came the writing. Praveen Swami reads between the lines of the books authored by Maulana Asim Umar, the man named chief of the al-Qaeda in the subcontinent.

ABVP: ‘We didn’t coin love jihad, used by perpetrators first’

Ambekar urged everyone from the society, to take measures in order to deal with this “national issue”.

‘Sakshi madrasa remarks his personal view’

BJP says ‘it’s job of intel agencies to find who train terrorists’.

‘Only BJP can stop forceful conversions’

Adityanath said that “jihad in the name of love is unacceptable” and only a BJP-led government can “stop forceful conversion of Hindu girls”

Out of my mind: Jihadi or shaheed?

We have war crimes as a new category in international law, for which there is an international court.

Come to motherland of jihad: Call to arms from first Indian group in AfPak

Investigators have linked the voice on the tape to Armar based on questioning of arrested Indian Mujahideen suspects.

Singaporean of Indian-origin fighting in Syrian civil war

An Indian-origin Singaporean is part of some 12,000 foreigners fighting in the Syrian civil war.

Jihadist group claims bombing of tourist bus in Egypt

A jihadist group called Ansar Beit al-Maqdis claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing of a tour bus in Egypt.

‘No one ever referred to me as Motu Doctor’

Sabeel was accused in the 2007 plot to bomb Glasgow airport — but released and deported to India,

‘Motu Doctor’,brother of Glasgow bomber,wanted in ‘LeT plot’

Sabeel Ahmed was accused by the British of withholding information on militant brother.

At least 220 German jihadists fighting in Syria,says intel chief

German jihadists are heading for Syria in increasing numbers,unencumbered by travel formalities and able to integrate quickly into foreign militant groups where Arabic is not needed,the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence said. Hans-Georg Maassen,head of the Bundesamt fuer Verfassungsschutz since 2012 (BfV),said intelligence officers knew of 220 German citizens fighting in Syria,but the actual number […]