Jiah Khan Death

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Jiah Khan death: CBI searches residence of Aditya Pancholi

Jiah Khan, the 25-year-old British-American actress, was found hanging from a ceiling fan at her home in Juhu on June 3, 2013.

Bombay HC transfers Jiah death investigation to CBI

The court felt that an independent agency like the CBI should probe the case.

A year on and no headway, HC says it’s about time a decision is reached

Jiah Khan was found hanging at her residence on June 3, 2013.

Jiah Khan’s mother wants reinvestigation of her daughter’s death

Jiah Khan was found dead in her Mumbai home in June last year.

Jiah Khan death: US offers help in probe

The actress, a US citizen, was found to have hanged herself at her Juhu residence on June 3 last year.

‘My only hope is someone will listen’

Rabya has refused to believe the police theory that Jiah, 25, hanged herself in her Juhu partment on June 3 last year, following a fight with her former boyfriend, actor Sooraj Pancholi.

Memorial held in Jiah Khan’s memory in London

The special service attended by Jiah Khan’s family took place near her home in the city.

Jiah Khan’s mother posts Sooraj Pancholi’s love letters,text messages on Twitter

Jiah Khan’s mother Rabiya has launched a campaign on micro-blogging site to prove Sooraj Pancholi’s role in her suicide.

Jiah Khan suicide accused Sooraj Pancholi was not confirmed for Hero remake

Neither was Athiya Shetty,says filmmaker Subhash Ghai.

Vidya Balan saddened by Jiah Khan’s suicide

Vidya Balan today said she does not understand why some people take the extreme step.

Ek aulaad andar gaya,ek faulad baahar ayega,says Aditya Pancholi on son Sooraj

The Pancholis plan to file elaborate criminal and defamation cases against all those who have accused their son.

Unlike Jiah Khan,many aspirants survived the odds in Bollywood with Plan B

For every story of despair in the big,bad world of films,there are those who survived it.

Jiah Khan’s suicide exposes the dark side of Bollywood

Stress and fragile relationships have always been a part of tinselville,say Bollywood personalities.

Jiah Khan’s family to hand over the letter about her love affair to cops

Jiah Khan’s family has found a six-page note,which mentions about her troubled love-affair.

Jiah Khan’s mother blames relationship for her death

Jiah Khan’s family has finally decided to break their silence.