Jen Psaki

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US condemns religious and ethnic prosecution by ISIL in Iraq

US strongly condemns the terrorist group ISIL’s systematic persecution of ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq.

‘US encourages dialogue between India and Pakistan’

Psaki was referring to the recent meeting between PM Narendra Modi and Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif.

US flying spy planes over Nigeria to find abducted school girls

State department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the US was providing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support.

US continues to maintain silence on Modi’s visa status

“We don’t speak on visa acceptances, applications, etcetera,” said Jen Psaki, US State Department Spokesperson.

US warns Iraq to respect UN embargo on arms trade with Iran

The US is seeking a clarification on this matter from Iraq to ensure that they respect the limits of international law.

American moved from N Korean hospital to a labour camp: US

US citizen Kenneth Bae was accused by a N Korean court as a militant Christian evangelist and sent to a labour camp.

Russia claims US meddling over Ukraine

Pyatt expressed hope for a deal to form a new government but warned that Moscow would try to undo their negotiations.

‘Devyani told maid not to fall ill in New York’

Told her maid Richard medical treatment would be too expensive.

Devyani Khobragade barred entry into US

Khobragade’s departure from the US, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said, does not change the charges against the 39-year-old diplomat.

US to reopen 18 missions,Lahore consulate to remain shut

US initially closed 22 diplomatic posts for the day and later extended closure of 19 missions.

US urges Russia to hand over Snowden

US demanded that Russia return American intelligence leaker Snowden to face justice.

US spent $630,000 to ‘buy’ Facebook fans

US State Department was under fire for spending $630,000 to buy facebook fans.

Edward Snowden rightfully charged in courts,says US

Snowden is rightfully charged by its courts for espionage and leaking classified information.

US may consider Taliban prisoner swap

The United States is currently working on a schedule to hold direct talks with the Taliban.

John Kerry’s postponement of trip not a snub to Pakistan: US

Secretary John Kerry plans to travel to Pakistan as soon as his schedule permits.