Jaswant Singh

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Won’t quit BJP, Modi has told me to wait, says Manvendra

Asked about his father’s health, he said, “His condition is improving and he has started reacting.”

Jaswant Singh discharged from hospital

The 76-year-old leader was admitted on August 8 to the hospital in a critical condition.

Jaswant still in coma but family hopes he will rise from it

His family said that they are assured that Singh is in good hands here and have no plans to move him elsewhere.

‘Maha-mratyunjya yagya’ for Jaswant in Jaisalmer

Jaswant’s supporters and well wishers started the yagya at the Muketeshwar Mahadev Temple premise for his long life.

Jaswant remains in coma, Modi visits hospital

Narendra Modi on Saturday paid a visit to the hospital to enquire about Singh’s health.

PM Modi visits ailing Jaswant Singh in hospital

The 76-year-old former Defence Minister was admitted to the hospital after he fell down at his residence.

Visitors’ list

This elicited laughter from the audience, even as Gadkari underlined that the statement may actually not sound too politically correct.

Jaswant Singh suffers head injury after fall, in coma

According to reports, former BJP leader Jaswant Singh suffered an injury after he fell at his home.

Raised eyebrows as Jaswant calls on Advani

Singh was expelled from the BJP after he spoke out against the party’s decision to deny him candidature from the Barmer Lok Sabha constituency.

Expelled BJP leader Jaswant Singh meets Advani

Speculation is rife over Jaswant’s re-entry into the Bhartiya Janata Party.

Jaswant ends his political career the way he started it

It is almost heartbreaking for the family that canvassed to ensure “Daata” (as Jaswant is fondly called in the region) wins his last election.

Mission 25 accomplished, Raje says ‘achhe din aa gaye’

BJP maintained its lead on 23 seats since start of trends in the morning, giving way to Jaswant briefly in Barmer.

Rajasthan: Much closer than clean sweep BJP hopes for

The BJP seems to be struggling in one-third of the seats because of internal conflict, selection of candidates and recent anti-incumbency.

Trips done, Jaswant waits alone

Hasn’t an iota of doubt about Barmer, refuses to acknowledge exit poll maths.

When reality outruns strategy

Indians should stop pining for a single-minded strategic culture, look where that got Pakistan.