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Japan approves record defence spending

Japan sees transfer at sea that may violate North Korea sanctions

The UN has toughened sanctions on North Korea to pressure it to give up its nuclear weapons development. Japan and the US have said the sanctions must be enforced strictly to be effective, and asked China in particular to tighten enforcement.

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Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe vows to proceed with US base relocation in Okinawa after poll

Japan’s central government and authorities on Okinawa – reluctant host to the bulk of US military forces in the country – have bickered for years over the plan, first agreed between Tokyo and Washington in 1996.

Japan FM hails Indo-Japan ties in 2017

Japan Finance Minister hails Indo-Japan ties in 2017

Taro Kono noted that economic relations were robust as there are about 1,400 Japanese companies with over 4,800 establishments in India. Numbers that continue to grow every year.

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Japanese capital holds first North Korean missile attack drill

The choreographed evacuations at a fair ground and park ringing the Tokyo Dome baseball stadium involved around 300 volunteers.

Japan sees little chance of oil slick from sunk tanker reaching its coast

The ship, which was carrying 136,000 tonnes or almost a million barrels of condensate – an ultra-light, highly flammable crude oil – sank after several explosions weakened the hull.

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Bluefin tuna sold for $320,000 in Tsukiji’s last new year auction

The new year auction prices are way above the usual price paid for bluefin tuna at Tsukiji, which at the end of the year was 4,500 yen ($40) per kilogram.

Japan emperor greets cheering crowd

Japan emperor greets cheering crowd at palace for new year

“Happy New Year,” the 84-year-old emperor said from a balcony. “I wish that this year will prove a gentle and spiritually fulfilling one for as many people as possible.”

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Mumbai Trans Harbour Link: MMRDA signs agreement with two contractors

Deals signed with L&T, Japan’s IHI for Packages 1 and 3

Piece of War

In her latest act, Japanese performer Yuko Kaseki vents her frustration with wars.

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Japan Emperor Akihito turns 84, thanks people over abdication plans

“Over the remaining days, I continue to carry out my duties as the symbol of the state,” Akihito said.

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Behind bitcoin boom, Japanese retail investors pile in

Once sceptics, Japanese retail investors have been attracted by the digital currency’s volatility and inefficiencies in pricing that create opportunities to make money on arbitrage between exchanges.

More North Korean ‘ghost boats,’ bodies wash up on Japan’s shores

Twenty-eight of the vessels — dubbed “ghost boats” — were detected in November, up from just four in November last year. Usually, only the boats, sometimes with bodies inside, or fragments wash ashore. It is rare for survivors to be rescued and brought ashore.

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More North Korean ‘ghost boats,’ bodies wash up on Japan’s shores

Twenty-eight of the vessels _ dubbed “ghost boats” _ were detected in November, up from just four in November last year.

Japan’s Emperor Akihito to abdicate on April 30, 2019

Japan emperor Akihito expressed his apparent wish to abdicate in August 2016, citing his age and health.

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Japan emperor to cede public duties after abdication, says prince

Some experts had feared that the existence of a retired emperor could undercut the symbolic status of his successor.