Islamic State

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Battle of Mosul: Watch LIVE streaming of Iraqi forces taking on Islamic State

Mosul LIVE: Watch LIVE streaming of Iraqi forces taking on Islamic State

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Denmark finds man guilty of traveling to Syria to join Islamic State

The Copenhagen suburban Glostrup City Court says it dismissed claims by Hamza Cakan, with dual Danish and Turkish citizenship, that he’d gone to Syria to work as a cook.

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Islam, Arab countries, Islamic State: How each of them view homosexuality

While the Quran’s blanket ban on homosexuality is being debated by Islamic scholars, homosexuality is viewed as a crime throughout the Muslim world.

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Police couple killed in a Paris suburb, Islamic State claims responsibility

Islamic State was responsible for the stabbing death of a police commander in front of his home in a Paris suburb Monday night, the militant group’s Amaq news agency said.

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Donald Trump’s post-Orlando message falls flat with Republican establishment

After the worst mass murder in modern US history on Sunday left 50 dead, Trump’s speech was hastily refashioned from a broad critique of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to a dire warning of the threat from Islamist militants.

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Orlando shooting: Islamic State claims responsibility, calls Omar Mateen ‘a soldier of caliphate’

Twenty nine-year-old Omar Mateen carried out the worst mass shooting in United States history, leaving 50 people dead and 53 wounded.

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ISIS-linked account posts photo purported to be Orlando nightclub shooter

Other Twitter accounts linked to Islamist militancy also carried photos of the same individual.

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ISIS suicide bombers hit Libyan forces in Sirte, leave one dead

Outside Iraq and Syria, Sirte was the only city held by Islamic State.

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Kazakhstan: All June 5 Islamist attack suspects detained

At least 25 people including 18 attackers died during the assaults on a national guard base and firearms shops, and in the subsequent manhunt.

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Syria: Suicide car bomb in Damascus suburb kills at least eight

Syrian state media flashed the news that at least eight people were killed and scores wounded in twin suicide and car bomb blasts on Saturday in a Damascus suburb.

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Islamic State claims responsibility for killing Hindu monastery worker

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for 21 of the attacks since its first claim in September last year and Al Qaeda has claimed most of the rest.

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Libya unity forces in street battle with Islamic State group in Sirte

Clashes raged on Friday around the Ouagadougou conference centre, a sprawling complex that once hosted international summits in the era of ousted dictator Moamer Kadhafi which is now used as an IS command centre.

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ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi injured in air strike, say reports

There have been several reports in the past that Baghdadi, whose real name is Ibrahim al-Samarrai, was killed or wounded after proclaiming himself caliph of all Muslims two years ago.

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Watch: In new video, Islamic State threatens to blow up Egypt’s ancient pyramids

The Islamic State released a video this week claiming to have blown up the 2,800-year-old Nabu temple in Iraq, devoted to the Babylonian god of wisdom.

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US-backed rebel troops set to launch assault on IS-held Manbij within days: Report

The town of Manbij, held by IS, holds strategic importance for the militant group as it serves as the route between Raqa and Turkish border

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