Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant

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Islamic states blasts kill almost 150 in Syrian government-held cities

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks in the cities that have up to now escaped the worst of the violence in the five-year-old conflict, saying it was targeting members of President Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite minority.

Rehman Malik claims to have proof of ISIS presence in Pakistan

Malik said that he’ll brief the nation about documentary proofs and will make them public in a few days.

US joined by its allies in strikes against ISIL: Barack Obama

Obama said over 40 nations have offered to help in this comprehensive effort to confront this terrorist threat.

US continues hitting ISIL targets, providing humanitarian aid

American fighter aircraft struck and destroyed an ISIL checkpoint southwest of Mt Sinjar.

Iraq: Keep trail of youth gone missing, Mumbai Police chief tells his men

The repercussions of ISIL’s call have been felt in Thane district.

ISIL poses serious security threat to Iraq, says White House

Any decision that US President makes about military actions in Iraq will be focused on its core national security interests, said Earnest.

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Iraq crisis: Clashes near Tikrit as Iraq troops launch fightback

Witnesses said loyalists were moving toward Tikrit from the west and engaged in heavy clashes.

Iraq crisis: US drones over Baghdad as Iraq battles for Tikrit

The Pentagon confirmed that among the manned and unmanned US aircraft flying over Iraq to carry out surveillance, some were carrying bombs and missiles.

Gunmen take hundreds of students hostage on Iraq university campus

Sources in Ramadi hospital said they had received the bodies of two people, one of them a student and the other a policeman.

Suicide bombers storm Iraq ministry building, 24 killed

Security officials blamed ISIL for the attack.

2 car bombings kill 13 civilians in Iraq

The Iraqi army and al-Qaeda militants are fighting in two provinces of the country.

Syria: Fighting near Damascus kills 160

Rebels are reportedly trying to break the siege by state forces that have cut rebel supply lines.

Series of bombs,attacks kills 33 in Iraq

This month,238 people have died from sectarian violence in Iraq.

Syria: Al-Qaeda affiliate targeting citizens,journalists at Raqa

Al-Qaeda is targeting citizen journalists in Syria’s Raqa with a wave of kidnappings,beatings and assassinations aimed at silencing them,in what activists call a reign of terror. “Is your head still attached to your body? I swear to God your head will be cut off,and that we’ll give you a visa to hell,” read the threat […]

Turkey wrong to think terrorists it is breeding won’t bite it back: Assad

The Syrian govt has always used ‘terrorists’ to categorise rebels.