Iraq Crisis

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11 Indian nurses stranded in Iraq to return home soon

These 40 Indians were working at construction projects near the Iraqi city of Mosul when they were abducted by Islamic militants.

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US considering Iraqi request for more military advisers

Senior US officials are considering an Iraqi request for more American military advisers.

View from the left: Lost in Syria

The origins of the IS can be traced to the US occupation of Iraq.

No way out

US president articulates a strategy to take on the IS. But success is far from certain.

Australia to help anti-ISIL forces in Iraq: Abbott

I certainly don’t rule out further military involvement but I do rule out combat troops on the ground, said Abbott.

America’s priority is to roll back gains made by ISIL: Obama

Obama said the Iraq’s security forces needed help from the US and the international partners to succeed.

Still awash with cash, world economies take turn for the worse

Ultra-loose monetary policies followed by major central banks have failed to bring about recovery.

View from the LEFT: US ‘imperialism’

ISIS and other extremist Islamic groups have arisen as a product of US intervention and assistance.

Sinjar siege over, says Obama

Thousands of families from the Yazidi minority community were trapped on the mountains without food and water.

Australia won’t rule out sending troops to Iraq

The suggestion that Australian combat troops could return to Iraq was widely attacked by the government’s political opponents.

Four youth from Maharashtra missing in Iraq

After reaching Baghdad, they all were with the travel group for first few days and then reportedly got separated from group.

US continues hitting ISIL targets, providing humanitarian aid

American fighter aircraft struck and destroyed an ISIL checkpoint southwest of Mt Sinjar.

Obama orders ‘targeted’ strikes, humanitarian mission in Iraq

Obama said the US “cannot turn a blind eye” when it can prevent genocide of Iraqi minorities.

Last call on June 15 – and then silence, say families

A call over 60 days ago saying all was well and then silence.

Terror connection

Pakistan plays a role in the story of ISIS founder Abu Musaab al Zarqawi.