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Internet shutdowns in India: Why it is bad for Modi’s Digital India

Internet shutdowns in India have serious consequences, and it’s not just about freedom of speech.

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New wi-fi system to provide 100 times faster Internet

The wireless network not only has a huge capacity but also there is no need to share since every device gets its own ray of light.

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China ahead of India in Internet access: Report

Smartphone ownership in China has jumped 31 percentage points since 2013, but in India it has increased by only six points during the same time period.

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India added 268.9 million new Internet users since 2014: Adobe

The Adobe report is based on the global analysis of 1.7 trillion visits to more than 16,000 websites between January 2014 and January 2017.

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3GPP unveils logo for ultra-high speed 5G technology

The 5G Internet technology for consumers would mean ultra high data speeds (upwards of 20GBPs), ultra low latency, and new devices and form factors.

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Anti-virus software is just a terrible idea, warns former Mozilla engineer

A former Mozilla engineer, has criticised third-party antivirus vendors, warning consumers not to use them

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It’s true, ‘123456’ was the most common password of 2016

Numeric combination of ‘123456’ was the most common password of 2016, followed by ‘123456789’ and ‘qwerty’

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Around 950 mn Indians still not on Internet: Assocham-Deloitte study

Nearly 950 million Indians do not have an Internet connection, even though mobile data plans in India are among the cheapest in the world

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Internet connectivity still out of reach for 950 million Indians: Study

Internet penetration is increasing in India and the access to affordable broadband, smart devices are required to spread digital literacy.

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For ‘Mission Cashless’, use electric poles for deeper internet connectivity: Niti Aayog to Jharkhand

Kant held a review meeting on the programmes started for making Jharkhand shift to cashless transactions in a short time with top officials of most departments here.

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Google signs internet deal with Cuba’s telecommunications monopoly

Google’s agreement with Cuban government will allow internet users of the country quicker access to content such as Youtube, Gmail.

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India’s internet population to reach 600 million by 2020: ASSOCHAM-Deloitte study

Internet users in India expected to reach 600 million by 2020, according to a new study by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Deloitte

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Paranoid about the web? Here’s how to clean up your Internet presence

Designed by Swedish developers, is aims to help you clean up your online presence with just a few clicks on the mouse

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1,377 social media URLs blocked during 2013-16

A total of 1,377 URLs of social media websites/webpages were blocked during 2013-16 under the section 69A of IT Act.

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Over half of world’s population does not use internet: UN

UN’s ITU said, 3.9 billion people do not have home or mobile internet access due to prohibitive broadband costs keeping them offline.