Internet Privacy

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Love WhatsApp? SC wants to know why

Digital services like Google, Facebook, are driven by ad-based models, and for these companies user data is doubly precious.

Indians most willing to trade Internet privacy for convenience of technology: Report

EMC Privacy Index shows a global paradox in people’s behaviour and their stated wants and beliefs.

‘Horror film’ puts Internet privacy under spotlight

I think there was already a pretty strong concern in the population about online privacy,Hoback said.

Facebook unveils changes to profile pages

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled changes to member profile pages and said the movie “The Social Network” got “hugely basic” things wrong about the origins of the site. Zuckerberg had been accused of stealing the idea of creating Facebook from others,including an Indian expatriate. Zuckerberg,in an interview yesterday with the CBS show “60 Minutes,said […]

The clash of data civilisations

Sharply differing attitudes towards privacy in Europe and America are a headache for the world’s internet giants….