Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change

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Green panel report sets off global warming alarm

The IPCC released its last of the four reports, called the Synthesis Report, in Copenhagen Sunday.

High-level solutions

The Himalayas need special policy attention, given their strategic importance and unique vulnerabilities

Heat,Dust and Confusion

Climate change incites debate and discussion but there are no absolutes. Where do we go from here? And for how long before it is too late?

World is cold to Global Warming

Amid financial crisis and public fatigue,world leaders turn their back on issue,IPCC loses clout

Global warming primarily man-made: IPCC

The Summary for Policymakers of the IPCC Working Group I assessment report approved Friday by member governments of the IPCC in Stockholm.

IPCC report determines human activities as cause for ‘unequivocal’ global warming

Report says earth is getting hotter and sea levels are likelier to rise in the 21st century.

Earth hotter today than ever in the past 11,300 years

Over past 5,000 years,Earth cooled about -17 degree Celsius,until the past 100 years.

Renewables to meet 80 pct world energy supply by mid-century

The IPCC report said renewable sources currently accounted for about 13 pct of global energy supply.

‘By 2020,world to be 2.4 C warmer,India to be hardest hit’

The rising temperatures will adversely affect the world’s food production and India would be the hardest hit.

Climate science chief sees ‘huge gaps’ in research

Rajendra Pachauri said that what is being done today is certainly far from adequate.

Must try harder

A call to reform the IPCC

Daily Telegraph apologises to Pachauri

The Daily Telegraph on Saturday apologised for publishing an article about UN climate body chairman R K Pachauri accusing him of making a fortune from his links with “carbon trading” firms….

‘Himalayan glaciers won’t shrink by 2035’

The fears were vastly exaggerated,to shock,most probably!

Report as solid as careful science can make it: IPCC

Facing severe criticism in the wake of revelations that its landmark 2007 report contained some highly embarrassing mistakes….

Be more honest,top British scientists tell Pachauri

After ‘Glaciergate’ and errors in Climate Change report spawned attacks,UN Climate Chief R K Pachauri faced demands from Britain’s chief…