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US government warns businesses about security flaw, cyber threat in Intel chips

The US government on Tuesday urged businesses to act on an Intel Corp alert about security flaws in widely used computer chips.

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Qualcomm introduces Centriq 2400 processor, claims it will outperform Intel chips

Qualcomm Inc said it began selling a new processor that will outperform its rivals and has support from some of the industry’s biggest buyers of server chip technology.

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Qualcomm vs Apple: Chipmaker says Intel got code details from iPhone maker

Qualcomm Inc has sued Apple Inc, accusing the iPhone maker of failing to abide by the terms of a software license and said it may have used its unprecedented access to that code to help Qualcomm-rival Intel Corp.

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Artificial Intelligence is big on Intel’s agenda: Here’s why

Intel is aggressively building advanced processor “platforms” – from edge computing to Cloud that allows enterprises build intelligent solutions based on AI.

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Lenovo, Intel partner to make built-in authenticators, eliminating password need

In a bid to protect online privacy, identity and other data, Lenovo and Intel have announced the first PC-ready, built-in authentication measures that adhere to FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance standards.

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China looks to create chip dominance by expanding investments in futuristic tech

China’s signaling a tempering of its ambitions to become a global semiconductor power as it still intends to become a force in unclaimed fields such as the Internet of Things.

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Tech companies will lobby for US stay of immigrant ‘Dreamers’

Nearly two dozen major companies in technology and other industries are planning to launch a coalition to demand legislation that would allow young, illegal immigrants a path to permanent residency.

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Intel’s AI-enabled Nervana Neural Network chips to be available soon

Intel will soon introduce the world’s first family of purpose-built Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled “Nervana Neural Network Processor” (NNP).

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Intel closes its augmented-reality googles brand, Recon

Intel Corp has closed its Recon brand of augmented-reality goggles for sporting and industrial applications, according to people familiar with the decision.

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Intel claims rapid quantum computing progress with new chip

Intel Corp, the world’s largest semiconductor maker, said it delivered a test chip to a research partner that demonstrates the rapid progress being made in the field of quantum computing

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Intel proposes error-free system for self-driving cars

Intel Corp has developed a system it says ensures that self-driving vehicles can’t cause accidents where they are at fault.

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Intel tries to sell performance of new 8th gen processors, but it’s not easy

Intel is betting high on the success of its 8th generation Core processors. The company says the 8th generation processors are getting a boost of up to 40 per cent over the 7th generation.

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Intel India trains 9,500 people in AI technology

Intel India has trained 9,500 developers, students and professors across 90 organisations in the past six months in the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Tesla is said to shift to Intel from Nvidia for infotainment

The giant information and entertainment screens in Tesla Inc’s cars will be powered by new components from Intel Corp after the automaker replaced chip supplier Nvidia Corp for that function, according to people familiar with its plans.

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Intel joins Alphabet’s unit Waymo on self-driving car technology

The newest vehicles from Waymo feature Intel-based technologies for sensor processing, general compute and connectivity, “enabling real-time decisions for full autonomy in city conditions,” Xinhua reported on Tuesday.