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Instagram attracting more advertising than Twitter: Survey

Survey suggests clients are shifting their budgets to Instagram because it has more users than Twitter

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Instagram’s new algorithm will show best posts first, to roll out this month

Instagram has announced a new way of ordering posts in its feed so that users will be able to see the moments that they care about first.

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Iran cracks down on Instagram modelling, 8 arrested

The arrests were made under a two-year-old sting operation named “Spider II”, targeting among others models who post photos online without the hijab.

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Instagram gets a bright new logo, app is now totally re-designed

Instagram has undergone a big design revamp, where the logo and the app’s UI have a new colour theme and design.

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Facebook rewards 10-year-old with $10,000 for discovering Instagram bug

Facebook has paid $10,000 to a 10-year-old boy for spotting a bug in Instagram

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Instagram’s big timeline change causes celeb panic; company tries to allay fears

Instagram’s big change to its feed and how it will show posts to users is causing a panic among celebrities on the social media app.

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Pope Francis is now officially on Instagram!

Francis’ Instagram debut will mark his second major social media presence after Twitter.

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Instagram’s big change: Will soon show posts in order of ‘relevance’

Instagram is making big changes to its algorithm: It will now show give higher priority to posts that each user is likely to care about most.

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Artist Dayanita Singh.

Why do you use Instagram: An archivist in a digital world

Instagram could change photography because it makes photographers stop doing the usual, says Dayanita Singh.

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How Instagram is helping photographers capture the intimate in the everyday

From photojournalists and photo-bloggers to artists and curators, the platform promotes a lively conversation, often between users who meet through the app for the first time.

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Instagram begins rolling out two-step verification

Instagram will start-rolling out two-verification process for its users, says a new report.

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Instagram finally supports multiple accounts: Here’s how to activate

Users can now add up to five accounts on Instagram and switch between them easily, the company said.

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Frequently uploading selfies on Instagram has a negative impact on your relationship

Excessive uploading of selfies on Instagram was found to be associated with increased negative romantic relationship outcomes — emotional or physical infidelity, breakup and divorce.

A look at the life lessons and inspirations Bipasha Basu swears by

Here are some quotes and philosophies actress Bipasha Basu swears by.


Instagram’s first ever photograph exhibition to be held in Kolkata

Instagram will hold its first ever photograph exhibition where photos generated from the photo and video sharing app will be displayed.

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