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Congress distances itself from Shashi Tharoor’s praise of Narendra Modi

Tharoor had praised Modi saying he was looking to turn himself from a “hate figure into an avatar of modernity and progress”.

Tharoor sings praises of Modi, calls him ‘an avatar of modernity and progress’

Tharoor, however, added that Modi’s message had not trickled down, referring to the killing of a young Muslim IT professional in Pune.

US news portal removes Sonia Gandhi from list of richest leaders

Sonia Gandhi and the former emir of Qatar Hamid bin Khalifa al-Thani have been removed from the list.

Twitterati react as Huffington Post removes Sonia Gandhi from richest list

Twitterati pounced on the issue,slamming the website for ‘inaccurate compilation’ of the list.

‘Degenerate’ art

Adolf Hitler’s obsession with attaining Aryan purity for Germany included cleansing culture and art.

Hanging out with Mindy

On her 34th birthday on June 24 this year,The Huffington Post paid homage to one of American television’s favourite women — Mindy Kaling

Syria group hacks NYT,Twitter sites

The Syrian Electronic Army,a hacker group that has attacked media organisations it considers hostile.

New York Times,Twitter hacked by ‘Syrian Electronic Army’ visitors’ were redirected to a server controlled by Syrian group before it went dark.

81 percent don’t want to be Facebook friends with boss

The fears may not be totally unfounded as people have been fired for Facebook posts.

Daddy’s New Dress

Women shun the skirt to play equal; men wear it to make a quiet statement

Daddy’s New Dress

Women shun the skirt to play equal; men wear it to make a quiet statement.

Masala dosa a food ‘to try before you die’

The popular South Indian dish has made it to the Huffington Post list.

London siege resolved; man arrested

Witness says man walked into her office threatening to blow himself up.

Sheen should beg for job: Baldwin

In a write-up,the ’30 Rock’ star advised Charlie Sheen to beg for his show ‘Two and a Half Men’.

AOL to cut 700 jobs in India

The Internet giant,which has about 5,000 employees,is going to outsource 300 jobs.