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Two HIV positive women to get engaged at mass wedding of 251 in Surat

“I have taken the responsibility as their father. This time real estate developer Sanjay Movaliya is also helping us,” said Savani.

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HIV rates on rise among people over the age of 50 in Europe

Around one in six new cases of HIV diagnosed in Europe are in people over the age of 50, health officials said on Wednesday, showing a need to raise awareness and tailor testing programmes to older generations.

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Scientists identify new, more effective way to treat HIV

Researchers from University of South Carolina (USC) in the US identified a novel human protein variant that can be targeted to prevent the human immunodeficiency virus from harming HIV-positive individuals.

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High Court seeks reply on plea of man who ‘got HIV while working at govt hospital’

Ashok Agarwal, counsel for the petitioner, had earlier submitted a plea stating that the petitioner had been working as an assistant technician at a laboratory in a government hospital since April 2011, during which he suffered a few needle prick injuries.

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South African girl becomes third child with HIV in remission, says study

At the moment, the researchers are unable to make it clear why the trial proved to be successful for the girl but failed for 410 other children who were part of the trial.

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MSACS to reach out to ‘unreached’ high-risk group of sex workers

AIDS control body to focus on sex workers who solicit customers online or via telephone, also plans survey of ‘high-risk’ migrants. The Society has also planned to conduct a survey of the mobile and floating population of high-risk migrants.

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‘Hepatitis detection remains high among voluntary blood donors, HIV dips’

While National Aids control Organisation (NACO) programme conducts active screening and treatment of HIV infection, making considerable dent in new cases, hepatitis has no active screening campaign under central or state government.

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What is HIV/AIDS Bill? All your questions answered

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS) (Prevention and Control) Bill was passed in Lok Sabha on Wednesday. Here is all you need to know about it.

Homosexual men in small towns are less likely to be tested for HIV: Study

This is connected to internalised feelings of homophobia and a reluctance to disclose sexual preferences.

A ray of hope: Single antibody infusions found promising against HIV

A single antibody infusion can protect monkeys against infection with an HIV-like virus.

Uttar Pradesh: Year-and-half later, school takes in HIV+ boy, considers waiving fee

The boy’s parents, who are physically challenged and also HIV positive, have been facing “social boycott” for the past three years and had been unable to get their eight-year-old son re-admitted in the school.

New ultra-sensitive test for cancer, HIV developed

The new technique augments the standard procedure of identifying biomarkers with powerful DNA screening technology.

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Mumbai paper clip: ‘HIV prevalence among sex workers increasing’

The paper states that there has been a dispersal of sex work with the sex-trade management adapting by becoming more hidden and mobile, leading to increased vulnerability.

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FBI arrests CEO who hiked price of HIV treatment

Martin Shkreli sparked controversy earlier this year after news reports that it had raised the price of Daraprim, a 62-year-old treatment for a dangerous parasitic infection, to $750 a tablet from $13.50 after acquiring it.

Indian-origin professor Mahua Choudhury creates ‘super condom’ to combat HIV

The ‘supercondom’ can not only prevent and combat the AIDS causing HIV virus, but also enhance sexual pleasure.