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Hinduism not poll card but soul of country: Yogi Adityanath

Adityanath, who flew to Bhuj in Kutch district on Saturday morning, began the concluding day of his two-day visit to the state by offering prayers at Swaminarayan Temple in Bhuj.

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Jawed Habib booked for insulting Hindu Gods, apologises

The advertisement featured a cartoon of Hindu Gods sitting in a salon with a caption: “Gods too visit Jawed Habib saloon.”

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The moral consciousness

We live in times where there seems to be a fracture between consciousness and morality. But an expansion of the former leads to a deepening of the latter

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What the gods drank

It may be pointed out that there were a large variety of intoxicating drinks, nearly 50 types of them, available in ancient India. The use of alcohol by men was quite common, despite occasional dharmashatric objections in the case of Brahmins; and instances of drinking among women were not rare.

Fifth column: A new India rises

What I found both fascinating and very scary was the extent of their hatred for those who subscribe to faiths that are not Indian in their origin.

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Proposed California school textbooks portray Hinduism in negative light: Hindu Education Foundation

Negative portrayal of Hinduism has led to several instances of bullying of Hindu children in classrooms, according to Director of Hindu Education Foundation USA (HEF)

Erasing tolerance? HAF’s changes can only be described as ahistorical edits to history books

The HAF and its allies may have PR machinery and hundreds of thousands of dollars in their war chest to selectively change textbooks, but they are still on the wrong side of history and humanity.

Erasing Facts: What SAFG activists have really done to Hinduism and India in California textbooks

Utilising the term “South Asia” fails to encompass the breadth, contributions, and historical role of Indian and Hindu civilisation during ancient, medieval, and later time periods.

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Hindu religion has solutions to all world problems, says Amit Shah

Amit Shah was speaking at a function here to launch Transcendence, a book written by former president A P J Abdul Kalam.

Hinduism not a religion but a way of life: PM Modi in Vancouver

He said Hindu religion has worked for the benefit of nature, including wildlife, through the scientific way of life.

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By 2050, India to have the world’s largest Muslim population: study

India will continue to have a Hindu majority by 2050, the study said.

Ban intolerance

The rise of a new clamour, targeting a new book, is a warning that must be heeded.

Agra conversion an act of fraud: UP Minority panel

The four-member Commission hailed the role played by Hindu residents of Agra and the dist administration.

Want to protect Hindus today and 1,000 years from now: Pravin Togadia

“We won’t let their population decline from 82 per cent to 42 per cent,” he said.

Mahabharata, Ramayana great knowledge source on politics: Advani

Advani said his grandmother would ask him to read the ‘Mahabharata’ in parts and not entirely.