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Obesity may cause eight more types of cancer: Study

The role of obesity in the development of cancers is more extensive than it has been assumed, says research.

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This new insulin pill could make diabetes treatment ‘painless’

Insulin has been successfully encapsulated using Cholestosomes that can be administered orally with tiny vesicles that can deliver insulin where it needs to go without injecting.

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Lack of access to fresh food may lead to early heart disease

Greater access to healthier foods may have promoted healthier diets, says study.

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Recording yourself while brushing may improve oral health: Study

According to researchers, the very act of recording a selfie may disrupt ingrained habits, making participants conscious of their brushing.

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High BP now more common in lower-income countries

Ageing populations and urbanisation play an important role in the epidemic of hypertension in lower and middle-income countries.

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Zika may lead to severe joint deformities in newborns: Study

Zika virus forms scar-like lesions on which calcium is deposited, causing joint deformities at birth, say researchers.

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Yoga for constipation: 4 asanas to help with your bowel movements

Many would scrunch up our faces at the word ‘constipation’, but with more people in their 30s and 40s suffering from it, practising these yoga poses can help relieve and regulate life.

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dermatographia, what is dermatographia, what is skin writing, how can you write on skin, weird medical conditions, unique medical conditions

Yes, there is a condition that lets you write on your skin (video)

Dermographism or ‘skin writing’ is a type of urticaria, or hives – where a raised, itchy rash appears on the skin.

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Trying to lose weight? Potatoes are not your enemy; here are 6 reasons why you should eat them

Contrary to popular belief, potatoes actually pack in a lot of good nutrients that are good for you.

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Woman drinking water.

Looking to lose weight? Drinking more water may help you

Drinking more water can alter messages from the stomach which can be interpreted as fullness by the brain.

Young sad woman with a plate of salad.

Can’t follow your diet plan? It’s probably because the strategy is all wrong

Dieters who restrict themselves from consuming the foods they love most may be setting themselves up for failure.

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Your mug of coffee might be why your hearing recovery from noise is slow

Regular caffeine consumption can greatly impede hearing recovery from loud noise, even making the damage permanent, says a study.

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Immunotherapy cuts heart disease risk in arthritis patients

Immunotherapy, a boon for rheumatoid arthritis patients. A new finding suggests that immunotherapy can reduce the risk of heart disease in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

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Weight loss from surgery could reverse premature ageing

Surgical weight loss may reverse the process of premature ageing, according to a research.

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Brisk walk boosts memory in breast cancer survivors: Study

Brisk walking and even jogging can lead to improved memory in breast cancer survivors, a study says.

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