Hair Loss

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20 essential tips to prevent, and treat, excessive hair loss

Here are 20 tips and tricks to make sure your long locks, stay just that.

Why are men, in their early 30s, losing hair?

There has been a rise in the number of young men with hair loss. They are mainly from the IT sector.

New cream to reduce fat, prevent hair loss too

A cream could trim fat specifically where it was applied by ‘pausing’ the production of factors that contribute to fat cell growth.

While shifting to gluten-free diet,exercise caution

Those diagnosed with celiac disease may eat small amounts of gluten on and off.

Now,laser-firing helmet to treat hair loss

A helmet that fires red lasers into the scalp to treat hair loss has now been launched in the UK.

Cold caps tested to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy

Hair loss is one of chemotherapy’s most despised side effects,not because of vanity but because it fuels stigma.

Timing of cancer radiation therapy may minimise hair loss

Hair loss in humans from toxic cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy might be minimised.

Turning to leg hair for baldness in men

Receding hairlines were restored by taking follicles from patients’ legs and grafting them to head.

Turning to leg hair for baldness in men

A new report highlights a novel way for doctors to replace thinning hairlines: transplanting leg hair.

Women beware: Marital break-up will make you lose your hair!

Study said age and genetics are two most reliable predictors of both female and male hair loss.

After sex ‘scam’ Giggs battles baldness

Juggling football,his marriage – plus secret sex romps – took a toll on Ryan Giggs’ hair.


The best way to deal with hair loss is to visit a doctor

Now,a cancer drug that won’t cause hair loss!

Researchers have developed a way to deliver cancer drugs,which they claim will not cause the usual sickness and hair loss.

A cure for baldness on the anvil?

Now,it seems that a cure for baldness is on the anvil after scientists identified a gene linked to hair loss.