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Google faces lawsuit over mobile phone ‘Wallet’

PayPal and eBay filed a lawsuit in a California state court against the Internet giant.

Google to offer street view of Bangalore

Google said it will offer street view of Bangalore city on its maps platform.

Yahoo ready to deliver on promise to upgrade email

Yahoo Inc. is giving its popular email service a long-promised facelift in an attempt to make it more appealing to people who are increasingly using Facebook,Twitter,Google and other online alternatives to communicate.

From virtual to real: Google to make bulbs and dishwashers

Google said its aim was to let a range of devices “discover,connect and communicate” with each other

Google ‘to make bulbs and dishwashers’

Search engine giant said wireless technology will help these devices to communicate with tablets.

Apple pips Google as most valuable brand

Apple has overtaken Google as the world’s most valuable brand,ending a four-year reign by the Internet search leader,according to a new study by global brands agency Millward Brown.

Apple is world’s most valuable brand

Steve Jobs Apple has beaten and ended Google’s 4-yr reign at the top of the corporate world.

Google to overhaul YouTube

YouTube will soon be turned into a premium content competitor with organised channels.

Top Chinese search engine in copyright dispute

Baidu Wenku was accused of copyright violations by a group of writers earlier this month.

Google fined 100,000 euros over Street View

France’s data privacy regulator said it had imposed a record fine of 100,000 euros on Google.

Google says China blocking email service

Google said China was interfering with its email services,making it difficult for users to access Gmail.

Google accuses China of blocking gmail services

China has made an intensified crackdown on Internet following widespread unrest in the Middle East.

$59 mn in bonuses & equity for 4 Google execs

Google’s Indian-origin Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora is among the four executives.

Google adds new feature to its Map application

The Internet search giant Google has launched its web version of Foursquare on a new version of Google Maps.

Map Fixing

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