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Google, Microsoft agree to crackdown on online piracy in Britain

The code brokered by Britain’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) aims to stop search engines from driving traffic to illegal websites.

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YouTube will stop showing non-skippable 30-second ads in 2018

YouTube insists the move is aimed to provide a better advertising experience for users.


Google asks for feedback on the design of Pixel smartphones

Google has indicated in the past that it is pretty serious about the Pixel phones and is in this for the long run.

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BlackBerry now has virtually zero market share, shows Gartner report

BlackBerry now virtually has a zero per cent share in the smartphone market, according to numbers shared by Gartner

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Alphabet’s XLab: Project Loon claims internet balloons can outmaneuver wind

The 4-year-old “Project Loon” says it will be able to bring remote parts of the world online more quickly with a smaller fleet of balloons.


Google Home, Amazon Echo could get voice calling services

For Google, integrating voice calling services in its Home speaker could be a lot easier as it already has its Voice service in the US.

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Facebook tries to offer the music industry an alternative to YouTube

Facebook has redoubled its efforts to reach a broad accord with the industry, according to interviews with negotiators at labels, music publishers and trade associations.

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Google, and other search engines working on new ‘anti-piracy code’: Report

Google, and other search engines could soon remove, limit Torrent websites from their results page, says a new report

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Now create lists on Google Maps

So in the Google Maps apps you can now create lists of places, share that with others and even follow lists of friends which has been shared with you.

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Google Assistant could be coming to non-Pixel phones soon: Report

Google Assistant, the company’s voice-based digital assistant could be launching on Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P devices.

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Google may soon remove apps for violating ‘User Data’ policy on Play Store

Google is planning to crack down on apps that violate its ‘User Data policy’ and don’t have their own privacy policy

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Snapchat expected to invest $1 billion in Amazon cloud services

Snap Inc, owner of the popular Snapchat app, said it expected to spend $1 billion over the next five years to use Inc’s cloud services.


Alphabet’s DeepMind is exploring why robots could end up killing

DeepMind’s paper describes how researchers used two different games to investigate how software agents learn to compete or cooperate.

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Locally Relevant Content: Voice search, Indic keyboards to help Google’s native language push

Google is veering towards a more focused approach on local languages in India, where it sees more users coming in

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YouTube Go beta app hits Google Play Store in India

YouTube Go app is designed for users living in areas with poor Wi-Fi connectivity and data coverage.