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Judy Malware infects 36.5 million Android users, Google removes infected apps

A new malware named ‘Judy’ has found in over 41 apps on the Google Play Store, infecting over 36.5 million users

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Google adds ‘Personal’ tab to search results from your email and photos

Google is rolling out a new feature that allows users to perform personal searches through your personal data, like your Gmail account or Google Photo library.

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Google, Facebook must step up efforts against terror, say G7 leaders

G7 leaders meeting in Sicily called on Google, Facebook and other internet companies to do “substantially” more to take extremist material offline.

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Facebook aims to sell advertisements to the US pharmaceutical industry

Facebook will host a summit in June that is dedicated to health and aims to sell ads to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Google Photos rolls out ability to Archive photos for Android

Google Photos has added the ability to archive photos. The update is a part of Android version 2.15 of Google Photos, which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

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Andy Rubin’s new ‘Essentials’ phone is coming: All you need to know about the Android creator

Andy Rubin, creator of Android operating system, is now ready to unveil a smartphone of his own. Essentials will manufacture the high-end device.

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Google India VP Rajan Anandan appointed IAMAI chairman

Google’s South East Asia and India vice-president Rajan Anandan took the charge of IAMAI’s chairman from FreeCharge’s co-founder Kunal Shah

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Google Opinion Rewards app now available in India: Here’s what it does

Google Opinion Rewards app lets users get credit on Google Play Store in exchange for some surveys

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Deepmind’s AlphaGo wins 2nd game against Chinese Go champion

Ke Jie lost despite playing what Google’s AlphaGo indicated was the best game any opponent has played against it.

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Google to mentor six more Indian startups

Google said it will mentor the six Indian startups in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) from July 17.

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Google tried to restrict gender discrimination case reporting

Google tried to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the US Department of Labor for underpaying women, by refusing to provide employees’ salary history for audit.

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Google aims to connect online ads to real-world sales

Google will now keep an eye on what you’re buying in real-world stores as part of its latest effort to sell more digital advertising.

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Google’s AlphaGo AI beats Chinese champion in ancient board game

AlphaGo, developed by Google-owned DeepMind, defeated China’s top player in a latest test to see if artificial intelligence can master the ancient board game

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Google Assistant on iOS expected in June for India iPhone users

Google Assistant will not have the native integration of Siri, and you can’t just press the home button to launch it.

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Google Android O beta is here: Here’s how to install on your Pixel, Nexus phone

Google’s Android O beta is ready for installation on Pixel, Nexus smartphones, and here’s how it works