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Under Project Loon, Google turns on internet balloons in Puerto Rico

Google’s parent Alphabet Inc said Friday that its stratospheric balloons are now delivering the internet to remote areas of Puerto Rico where cellphone towers were knocked out by Hurricane Maria.

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Pixel 2 XL screen burn-in issue reported, Google says its ‘actively investigating’

Reviews of the Pixel 2 XL have been largely positive, but there’s apparently an issue of a screen burn-in on the device.

Google Pixel 2 XL reviewers encounter display burn-in problem

People with review units of Google Pixel 2 XL are reportedly encountering display burn-in issues.

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HTTPS in Chrome protects 64 per cent Chrome on Android devices protected: Google

Google’s efforts to enhance security have yielded desired results as 64 per cent of Chrome traffic on Android devices is now protected.

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Virtual walk made possible by Google’s Access Mars

Here is your chance to take a walk on Mars for free all the while staying in your living room, thanks to Google’s immersive experience initiative Access Mars.

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Tech companies will lobby for US stay of immigrant ‘Dreamers’

Nearly two dozen major companies in technology and other industries are planning to launch a coalition to demand legislation that would allow young, illegal immigrants a path to permanent residency.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Congressional committee, US 2016 elections, Russia-linked ads, social networks, online ads, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Sundar Pichai, Jack Dorsey, US Congress, political ads, online advertisements

Facebook, Google, Twitter to send lawyers to Congressional testimony

Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google will all send their top lawyers to testify November 1 in front of congressional committees investigating how Russian state actors used social networks during the 2016 elections.

Google, Google Play, Google Play Security Rewards Program, Google Play apps, Android apps, Android app bugs, Apple, Microsoft, Apple's app Store, Google bug bounty, Android OS

Google Play Security Reward Program offers money for catching app bugs

Google is offering security experts a bounty to identify Android app flaws as the Alphabet Inc unit seeks to wipe out bugs from its Google Play store.

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Google Play subscription fees cut to 15 per cent, same as Apple’s

Additionally, Google is making Android Instant apps available on Play Store with a new ‘Try it Now’ button that will let people experience the app before downloading it.

Apple, Siri, Happy Diwali, Diwali 2017, Google Assistant, Microsoft, Cortana, Happy Diwali Siri, artificial intelligence, voice assistant

We wished Siri a Happy Diwali…and you won’t believe what she said

She may struggle with the odd Indian term, but Apple’s Siri is becoming more Indian with every passing day.

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Google serves fake news ads on fact-checking sites

The fake news advertising problem has now spread to fact-checking websites as Google put fake news advertisements on pages such as Snopes and PolitiFact, the New York Times reported.

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Google dismisses Authenticator, introduces physical security key in Advanced Protection

In order to protect journalists, business leaders and member of political campaign teams at higher risk of being targetted by hackers, Google has rolled out an Advanced Protection Programme.

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Google designs in-house chip, Pixel Visual Core, for consumer devices

Google unveiled its first internally designed chip for consumer devices on Tuesday, the latest sign of the search engine’s hardware ambitions and a threat to its current semiconductor suppliers.

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Google launches advanced Gmail protection for users at higher risk of targeting

Alphabet’s Google Inc said on Tuesday that it would roll out an advanced protection program for Gmail in order to provide stronger security against cyber attacks and hackers

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Microsoft fixes Wi-Fi protocol flaw KRACK, Google will roll out patch soon

In reply to the WiFi bug found, Microsoft said it has already fixed the vulnerability while Google promised to roll out a patch in the coming weeks to fix Android devices.