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Google I/O 2017 takeaways: AI, Machine learning, VR, and more

This year’s annual I/O is over now. Here’s a look at the key takeaways from the developers conference.

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Google’s Android Go is nothing like the Android One: Here’s why

Android One was Google’s much-talked about initiative launched in 2014 to tap the rising community of first-time smartphone users in India, and other developing countries.

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Why Google Assistant fails to crack Apple’s iPhone ecosystem

Reality for iPhone users is that the Google Assistant will probably never beat Apple’s Siri on its home turf

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Google’s Android Go: What is it all about, when can you expect the phones

Google announced Android Go at its annual developer conference, and here’s everything to know about the OS

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Google I/O 2017: Daydream 2.0 ‘Euphrates’ adds screen-casting, Chrome support

Euphrates will be available on all Daydream compatible handsets later this year, including the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and LG’s upcoming flagship smartphone.

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Google adds ‘Smart Reply’ to Gmail on Android, iOS: Here’s how it works

The ‘Smart Reply’ feature was first introduced in Google’s ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app in 2015.

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Google I/O 2017: Five announcements key to Google’s ‘AI-first’ agenda

Google 2017 I/O keynote saw CEO Sundar Pichai share his vision about the company’s “AI-first” world

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Google Photos to get Shared libraries, Suggested Sharing, and Photo Books

Google Photos will get Suggested Sharing, Shared Library and Photo Books features. Google Lens will be integrated in to Photos as well.

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Google I/O 2017: Android O, Android Go, Google Assistant on iOS, and more

Google I/O 2017’s opening keynote saw a major focus on Google Assistant, machine learning, Android Go and more

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Google’s Android Go is chasing the next billion, but will it win this time?

Google’s Android Go, in contrast to Android One, will be more of a software solution than a hardware one.

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Google I/O 2017: HTC, Lenovo working on standalone Daydream VR headsets

Google has released a new standalone virtual reality headset that does not need to be paired with a smartphone or any other device.

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Google I/O 2017: Android Go is a lighter OS for entry-level smartphones

An entry-level Android smartphone can’t handle demanding apps, but with Android Go, the phone’s software to use use less memory, storage space, and mobile data.

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Google I/O 2017: Google Home speaker now supports hands-free calls

Google at its I/O developer conference announced a bunch of new features for its Google Home speaker

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Google I/O 2017: Android O beta release available for download today

At Google I/O 2017, Sundar Pichai says Google has crossed 2 billion active Android device milestone this week.

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Google Assistant now available on iPhone

Google Assistant, company’s AI-based voice assistant will now be available for iPhones.