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‘It was God’: Mumbai man’s mysterious tale about how one night changed his life is going viral

A man, who hails from Mumbai, waited at the shop all day for a customer but nobody came until late night. Narrating his story on Facebook, he recounts how he thinks it was God who helped him and changed his life.

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‘Love harder than you have ever before’: This couple’s story will reinstate your faith in love

While it is easy to be sceptical about love and the idea of forever, love does triumph and there are some who do make it. In case you want proof, you must read this heartwarming story of this couple in Mumbai.

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Mother’s ‘random act of kindness’ tribute to late daughter on her birthday leaves Internet teary-eyed

Taking to Twitter to thank Santi and to send good wishes to McKenna, Twitter user Kyle Jauregui wrote there’s “still good in this world”. Jauregui is the brother of the little girl whose birthday cake Santi paid for.

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This Pakistani woman’s love story on travelling to London to relive the memories of her dead husband is going viral

The Twitter user beautifully describes that one week she spent in London, exploring the city on her own on week days and waiting to get to know the place together with “Marhoom khaawand”, her husband.

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Video of ‘grandma and grandkids’ dancing to Punjabi hit number to cheer up ailing elderly man touches hearts on the Internet

Going hugely viral, the clip shows a pair of youngsters dancing to the hit Punjabi number, along with an elderly woman and who looks like their grandmother. The four of them dance beside the bed on which lies an ageing, frail man, whom they are all trying to cheer up.

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‘Not charity but investment’: Mahindra CEO’s offer to help Mangalorean businesswoman is winning hearts on Twitter

Shilpa. a 34-year-old single mom turned a Mahindra Bolero into a food truck and now has become one of the most loved eateries serving North Kannada delicacies. Impressed with her success story, Mahindra asked for some Twitter magic so that he could contribute to her cause.

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Best of 2017: 20 inspiring stories that had a positive impact this year

From #MeToo and #MeNOMore to an online post that helped raise funds for a boy’s cancer treatment, these inspiring stories from this year spread through social media but made a positive impact offline as well.

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This story of a Muslim man selling Christmas decorations is a must-read

This Mumbai resident, who sells Christmas celebrations, speaks Marathi fluently, enjoys tales from the Ramayana and has sent both his sons to a Catholic school. He also understands the true essence of religion, that it never divides.

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This London train station has won hearts with free Christmas meal for the homeless

The 200 people, served with lunch were invited specially for the Northen Rail’s first such initiative. The guests were served a meal of smoked salmon, soup, a festive roast and Christmas pudding.

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‘Now days, you don’t even know whether you’re dating!’ True love at the time of Partition

The idea of love, like other things, has changed over the years. But this man’s story about how he met his the love of his life and watched many sunsets with her will reaffirm your faith in ‘eternal romance’.

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This 7-year-old’s letter to Santa Claus asking for a blanket and food has left the Internet teary-eyed

While kids around us might have already made lists of gifts to ask from their Santa, it is this one letter by a seven-year-old from a Texas school that is touching hearts on the Internet.

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Instead of gifts, this couple asked guests to make donations to an NGO at their wedding

Saying that the initiative was a wedding gift to themselves, the couple compared their donation to a “drop in the ocean”. The bride thinks that it was a success only because the guests generously supported the cause.

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On Christmas, London Euston station will offer food and stay to 200 homeless people

In line with the Christmas spirit, the doors of London’s Euston Station would be opened for the homeless, who will also be served dinner, on the premises. This is being organised to make people feel they’re not alone, and so that they feel loved and cared for at least this one day.

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After this video of a bullied kid crying goes viral, support comes from the Avengers to Justin Beiber

As the tearful video of this bullied boy went viral, thousands of people spoke up in his support, including celebrities such as Enrique Iglesias, Justin Beiber, Snoopdog, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Lopez, Dr Phil, among others. Athletes from around his school have offered to be his friend and stop by at his school to meet him.

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Pakistani designer’s powerful protest against child marriages with on-ramp ‘bridal uniform’

This was part of the UN Women’s Bridal Uniform campaign, which aims to make people aware of the issue of child marriages in Pakistan, their life-long implications and how to take preventive action in order to address it and help the potential and present victims.