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‘Sanskaari bahus…are NOT rehabilitation centres for badly raised men’

Arguing that ‘women are not rehabilitation centers for men’, a psychologist and parenting coach on Facebook makes a poignant point that getting men married off because their general demeanour needs to be fixed is absolutely unfair to the women they’re wedded to.

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This MATH question is revolutionary, and Twitterati are overjoyed

In what probably seems like an effort to normalise conversations on and around LGBTQI+ community, when a mock exam question in an Irish textbook did its bit towards the inclusion of homosexual individuals, people’s joy knew no bounds, especially on social media.

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Netizens are taking the ‘Lemon Face Challenge’ to spread awareness about a form of terminal brain cancer

The challenge is an attempt at spreading awareness and brave the fight against an aggressive type of terminal brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), according to a report by the Washington Post.

section 377: Supreme Court will revisit its order banning gay sex

Classes begin in Pakistan’s first school for transgenders

The Gender Guardian school has been opened by NGO Exploring Future Foundation (EFF) in the Defence Housing Authority area of the city. The NGO said Lahore — Pakistan’s second-most populous city — has a population of about 30,000 transgender persons.

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This 50-yr-old woman’s story of FINDING LOVE again, despite societal MOCKERY, is INSPIRING

Many among us, find it extremely difficult to take the road less taken because we are looked down upon or scoffed at by those around us. Which is why, this story of a woman widowed at the age of 25, finding love again at the age of 50 is going viral.

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Kerala man’s Facebook post on why vasectomy is better than tubectomy is going viral

The Facebbook post explains how it is far less painful and complicated for a man to undergo vasectomy as a form of permanent sterilisation and questions why wouldn’t one go for the easier solution than resorting to making women go through a more complex procedure.

6-year-old cancer patient made police commissoner for a day in Telangana; Tweeple laud the cop

The little boy, who is suffering from cancer, was made the top cop thanks to the cooperative Rachakonda Police Commissioner, who even made a donation of Rs 10, 000 for the child’s treatment. Tweeple showered blessings on the kid and lauded the officer.

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Depressed, man texts PASTA HELPLINE for help; gets amazing insight into ‘resilient noodles’

An Imgur user shared screenshots of text messages exchanged between a person who was feeling lonely using the metaphor of lasagna and Sarah, the person at the other end of the helpline. The messages show how a lot of times, somebody who cares enough to listen, is just as reassuring.

‘Romance knows of no LOCs — it’s boundless’: This unconventional love story will make your day

The story of Mumbai-based make-up artiste Sarah affirms that there are no fixed rules of romance. And love means facing the obstacles of life together. You share your joys and your sorrows and are not ‘man’ and ‘wife’ but partners.

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Twitterati applaud British Vogue for featuring 9 models representing ‘diversity’ on May issue’s cover

Edward Enninful, the Ghana-born editor-in-chief of the publication got nine models to grace its May issue and have described them as fashion’s ‘New Frontiers’. Along with 20-year-old Halima Aden, who looks stunning wearing a shining deep, flaxen gold hijab, the cover features women from various ethnic backgrounds, thus celebrating diversity.

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Viral photo of Afghan woman nursing baby during exam gets her into college

Zahra Yagana, who runs a small non-governmental organisation that provides awareness of the environment and the value of education, said the picture of Jahantap on the floor, while other students sat at desks, inspired her to get Jahantap to Kabul and into a university.

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Twitterati applaud Mumbai Police’s appointment of 8 women as station in-charges as ‘first in the country’

In one of Mumbai Police’s latest tweets, the Twitter team shared the news that eight women have been appointed as police station in-charges, claiming how it is a ‘first in any city of the country’.

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Man wins hearts online after returning lost wallet to fellow Delhi Metro passenger

Taking to Facebook Singh shared the heartwarming story and also uploaded the photo of a hand-written note from Mehta. “I found your wallet on the Delhi Metro and I am sending you the same,” read the note from the Noida resident. Asking him to be careful next time, he referred to Singh as “brother.”

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Not the groom, this Rajasthani BRIDE rode a HORSE to make a grand entry at her wedding

A bride broke stereotypes and entered the wedding venue on a horse instead of the groom to promote gender equality. The wedding took place in Nawalgarh in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu district.

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Twitterati welcome Pakistan’s first transgender news anchor

According to local news reports, Kohenoor News has cast Maavia Malik as a news anchor in what is being hailed as a historic first for the nation. Padmini Prakash was the first Indian to host a news show on Lotus TV, Apsara Reddy worked with the BBC and Britain’s Paris Lees worked with the Channel 4 news.