Global Warming

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Global warming: Arctic Sea ice extent hits another low in 2017

Arctic’s minimum summertime extent, which typically occurs in September, has been decreasing, overall, at a rapid pace since the late 1970s due to warming temperatures.

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August 2017 was second hottest on record: NASA

The measured value is “consistent with the trend in global average surface temperatures that has been observed during the past few decades,” NASA said. Last month was 0.85 degrees Celsius warmer than the mean August temperature from 1951-1980.

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Fast-melting Arctic sign of bad global warming, sets off alarm bells

While global leaders set a goal of preventing 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) of man-made warming since pre-industrial times, the Arctic has already hit that dangerous mark. Last year, the Arctic Circle was about 3.6 degrees (6.5 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than normal.        

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When temperatures rise to levels that damage crops, suicides go up: Tamma Carleton

The general finding that temperature appears more significant than rainfall in determining suicide rates, is consistent with work from other parts of the world, where agricultural yields are shown to be more affected by temperature than they are by rainfall.

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Antarctica’s ice-free areas to increase by 2100

Areas of Antarctica devoid of ice could increase by up to 25 per cent by the end of the century because of climate change, leading to drastic changes in the continent’s biodiversity, according to a new Australian research.

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Climate change may cause more rainfall in tropical areas: NASA

The amount of rainfall in the Earth’s tropical regions will significantly increase as our planet continues to warm, a new NASA study warns. Most global climate models underestimate decreases in high clouds over the tropics seen in recent NASA observations.

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Donald Trump’s climate stance casts shadow over Arctic nations summit

Donald Trump has expressed doubts about whether human activity has a significant role in climate change, and is mulling whether to pull the United States out of a global pact to fight it.

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Earth breaks heat record in 2016 for third year in a row

Taking a global average of the land and sea surface temperatures for the entire year, NOAA found the data for “2016 was the highest since record keeping began in 1880,” said the announcement.

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Climate change shows in shrinking Antarctic snows

Various countries maintain bases in Antarctica, a shared space for scientific research under a 1959 international treaty.

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Tuticorin-based plant is locking up 60,000 tonnes of CO2, converting it to baking soda

An Indian company has taken lead in the race to capture carbon dioxide emitted from our coal-powered boilers turning them to soda ash

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Important glacier is melting due to global climate change: China

The Jianggudiru Glacier has shrunk by 34 metres in the last 6 years, as reported by China state media

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Global warming melting Arctic regions, climate change is happening: NASA

Temperatures are warming faster in the Arctic than elsewhere, which has led to longer seasons for plants to grow in and changes to the soils.

Rising seas submerge five Pacific islands, researchers find

The submerged islands were part of the Solomon Islands, an archipelago that over the last two decades has seen annual sea levels rise as much as 10 millimeters

Facebook, Google’s Silicon Valley campuses vulnerable to flooding, thanks to global warming

At a time when global warming is threatening a rise in sea levels, Facebook, Google may be more concerned as their campuses are now at the risk of being flooded.

UN agency proposes greenhouse gas emissions rules for planes

Aviation accounts for about 5 percent of global greenhouse emissions, according to environmentalists