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Babus need government nod before accepting gifts of over Rs 5,000

They also need to inform the government if they accept gifts of over Rs 25,000 from their relatives or friends.

Gift your loved ones a 3D Christmas tree

Researchers have revealed how to print a 3D Christmas tree efficiently and with zero material waste.

At Vapi auction,Modi gifts fetch Rs 56 lakh

Gifts and mementos received by Chief Minister Narendra Modi were auctioned at Vapi in Valsad during the past three days,fetching Rs 56.66 lakh

Happiest time on Christmas day is 1.55 pm

People are completely happy only after presents have been opened,dinner has been cooked,served.

Kids prefer family time to gifts in Christmas

Some children hope that they will get festive visits from family members that they rarely see.

India Inc’s shopping list

With Diwali knocking on the door,organisations are deliberating on what to choose as gifts.

Shopping online during work ‘good’ for employees

Employees spending time shopping online at work can be frustrating for employers,but might not affect workers’ performances as believed by bosses.

In 2008-09,CM received gifts worth over Rs 11 lakh

As manny as 833 gifts that came Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s way in 2008-09 were deposited to toshakhana in the state capital on Sunday.

‘Present’ perfect

Although the festive season has just got over,the season for gifting never really goes out of vogue. And if you have been to most gift shops in town…

A website to dump ex’s jewellery for cash and relief

Can’t bear to look at that diamond bracelet your ex-boyfriend gave you,who doesn’t want it back now? Here’s a way to get rid of it and the accompanying bad memories.

Love means not having to spend more this year

US shoppers will spend 17 per cent less,on average,on their sweethearts on Valentine’s Day this year,according to a survey.