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Knife-wielding man injures several people in Munich

German authorities said several people were hurt but no one sustained life-threatening injuries

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Turkish minister hopes to repair relations with Germany

Michael Roth, a German deputy foreign minister, told the Die Welt newspaper Germany remains ‘prepared to talk’ but cannot remain silent when its citizens ‘are unjustly imprisoned.’

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Germany drops mass US, UK spying probe on lack of evidence

“The prosecutors’ investigations and the investigation by the NSA parliamentary committee have found no tangible evidence that US or British intelligence agencies undertook systematic and mass surveillance of German telecommunications and internet (usage) that is against the law,” said the prosecutors in a statement.

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Match North Korea overture with Iran offer, Germany tells US

Germany, one of the few Western countries with a permanent embassy in Pyongyang, has advocated peaceful approaches to de-escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula and criticised some of Trump’s more bellicose rhetoric regarding the potential nuclear flashpoint.

Putting the pieces together: Merkel’s coalition jigsaw

Until the Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, confirms a new coalition, Merkel’s existing government remains in place.

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Germany’s Angela Merkel remains anchor of stability for United States

The guarantor of German continuity for the country’s international role generally, and trans-Atlantic relations in particular, bears the name of Angela Merkel, who despite heavy losses for her party, was re-elected chancellor for a fourth consecutive time.

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German election campaign largely unaffected by fake news or bots

The sharing of false or misleading headlines and mass posting by automated social media “bots” have had little influence in Germany’s quiet campaign, government officials and political experts say.

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Germany will strive to save Iran nuclear deal, says Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel

US President Donald Trump has called the Iran deal “an embarrassment”, but Germany and other powers who also negotiated it with Iran fear its collapse could trigger a regional arms race.

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When is the German election 2017?

The two main contenders of the election are two centrists from the dominant center-right and center-left parties: conservative incumbent Angela Merkel and social democrat Martin Schulz.

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German Election 2017: All you need to know, from Angela Merkel to Christian Lindner

The election, despite its low pitch campaigns, is likely to be a watershed moment in German politics as no far-right party has managed to send delegates to the German Parliament since the defeat of the Nazis in 1945. This, in all probability, will change on Sunday.

Alternative for Germany: Far right, anti-immigrant party alarms German Jews as election looms

Nearly 93 percent of reported anti-Semitic crimes were linked to far-right extremism, despite predictions that a large growth in the Muslim population since Europe’s 2015 migrant crisis could fuel attacks or discrimination against Jews.

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Armenian genocide controversy: Turkey summons German ambassador as tensions mount

Turkey, which says the killings of Christian Armenians during the First World War do not amount to genocide, already recalled its ambassador to Germany after parliament passed the resolution last year.

Alternative for Germany: Far-right party likened to Nazis to shake up German parliament

Leading AfD candidate Alexander Gauland denies they are Nazis, saying others only use the term because of the party’s popularity.

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Germany sends 8 convicted criminals back to Afghanistan

Wednesday’s expulsion is the first since Germany stopped deportation flights to Afghanistan following a bomb attack that partially destroyed the German embassy in Kabul on May 31.

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Angela Merkel criticizes hecklers in German election campaign

Merkel’s rallies over recent weeks have frequently been marked by boos, whistles and other minor disruptions by groups of opponents. Someone threw two tomatoes at Merkel in Heidelberg on Tuesday and on Friday, tomatoes were thrown at her car as she arrived in Wolgast on the Baltic coast.