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Transgender beauty pageant to be held in Gurugram

At the final event, 16 contestants hailing from different states will compete to win the Miss Transqueen India title. Like any other beauty pageant, the contestants will go through various rounds and be shortlisted. Interestingly, the pageant doesn’t have an age bar.

The board will ensure legal recognition of transgenders and safeguard their rights. The board will address the problems being faced by transgenders and take steps to ensure equal treatment for them.

Promised empowerment of trans people and the new dealers of a false liberty

The promised empowerment of trans people cannot come in a scenario, where a funder-driven NGO network plays middle-man, and the government refuses to reimagine foundational concepts of gender and sex.

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Manipur’s foremost transgender activist, Santa Khurai, looks back at the movement she helped shape

Santa Khurai’s strength now is far removed from the fears that haunted her as a child growing up in a conservative family. Born in Imphal, Khurai says she always had “a sense of who I am and I never identified myself as a boy. Always as a girl.”

It’s a long ride ahead: A trans woman talks about a new world, and the old one that still drags her down

A government panel has recognised a trans person’s right to civil union; a university has waived fees for the community. Can these measures lead to empowerment? A trans woman employed by the Kochi Metro talks about a new world, and the old one that still drags her down.


Absent, Sir: Why a trans student dropped out of DU

University spaces aren’t welcoming of transgender students.

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Navya Singh and Saiba Ansari were both born male, but they identified being women more than anything. After a hard life, the two friends are now preparing for the final round of India’s first trans-woman beauty pageant.

How journals for girls were used to instill nationalism in early 1900s

Khilauna (Toy) was a journal that was first published 1927. It regularly featured a column dedicated to voicing anti-colonial ideology called, Desh ki Baat. It also carried poems that glorified and valourised battles and fighting for one’s nation.

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#GenderAnd: It’s been a month of micro-revolutions in the way we tell our stories

We will be back with more around these and other intersections with gender soon. It is necessarily an incremental process, and this is where we look to you for suggestions and guidance.  

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#GenderAnd Culture: Taking charge of mainstream theatre

How are women faring at taking more decision making roles in Indian theatre?

From road rage to sports rage and more — masculinities in modern India

GenderAnd Education | A huge sense of male entitlement is built in South Asia due to unequal distribution of power and women’s position in family, community and larger structures of state and market

Retirement, love, ambition, refuge: What a night shelter in Delhi provides women

GenderAnd Development: There is more to the lives of homeless women than the pitiful middle class gaze

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Why did a young woman join a RSS women’s wing camp?

GenderAnd The Nation: What right wing nationalism teaches young girls about love marriage, western dresses and Hindu culture.

Why the gender paygap in corporate India could take 149 years to fill

GenderAnd Business: Even when adequate measures are taken, the gap will not fill before 2166. Gender sensitivity at workplace goes beyond stopping sexual harassment. It means also including measures to provide equal opportunity and wage to all genders.

PM Modi should do more than just giving token slogans like ‘Beti Khilao’

#GenderAnd Culture | India will soon bear the cost for ignoring its women players. Beti Khilao became an obvious and logical addition to the slogan ostensibly aiming at improving the persisting gender discrimination in all spheres of life.

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‘Govt must provide alternatives, not treat visually impaired like bechaari women’

#GenderAnd Education | The GST announced by the government recently, that is set to be launched on July 1, imposes five to 18 per cent taxes on a range of aids and appliances used by persons with disabilities including Braille Paper and typewriters.