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France approves tough anti-terror laws

Mosques or other places of worship could be shut down if preachers there were found to be promoting radical ideology, the BBC report said. Approved by the country’s lower house of parliament, it was intended to bring an end to a nearly two-year-long state of emergency.

france, terror laws, france anti terror laws, france islamic state attacks, world news, france news

Terror probe opened after homemade bomb found in Paris: sources

Police discovered two cylinders of gas in the hall of a building in the city’s 16th arrondissement and two others on the sidewalk.

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Marseille train station knife attack: Man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ kills two before being shot dead

The two victims – one aged 17 and the other 20 – suffered gory injuries, two police sources said, saying one had her throat slit while the other was stabbed in the stomach.

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Emmanuel Macron looks to stamp ‘non’ on banker-style jobless payouts

The government has little control over how much and for how long the unemployed receive benefits, which are negotiated by unions and employers every two to three years.

france, terror laws, france anti terror laws, france islamic state attacks, world news, france news

‘UK needs to clarify Brexit position,’ says French President Emmanuel Macron

Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar joined the call for greater detail on how a transition period might work after Britain leaves the EU in 2019.

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France floats idea of strengthening Iran nuclear deal post-2025 while Israel lobbies against Tehran

A senior Iranian diplomat and a former nuclear negotiator said he believed the Europeans had no intention in following Trump’s overtly aggressive Iran policy. “They are wise. Look at the region. Crisis everywhere. From Iraq to Lebanon,” the diplomat said.

Alternative for Germany: Far-right party likened to Nazis to shake up German parliament

Leading AfD candidate Alexander Gauland denies they are Nazis, saying others only use the term because of the party’s popularity.

france, terror laws, france anti terror laws, france islamic state attacks, world news, france news

French President Emmanuel Macron urges lifting of Gulf blockade against Qatar

A French frigate “Jean Bart” arrived at Qatar on Wednesday to take part in the joint military exercises of Qatar and France, as a part of the framework of the joint military cooperation between the two countries to combat terrorism and extremism.

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France plans to end oil and gas production by 2040

Under the draft presented to cabinet, France will no longer issue exploration permits. The extension of current concessions will be gradually limited until they are phased out by 2040 – when France plans to end the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles.

France to loan 430 million euros to Iraq: Foreign ministry

The loan is aimed at helping the war-torn country implement reforms, improve public services and boost the performance of its state enterprises.

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Italy, France and Germany ask European Union to boost powers to block foreign acquisitions: Reports

The three countries recommended that under the new regulations, which should not replace national rules, member states should notify the Commission every six months of all corporate investments from outside the bloc, except those in the defence sector.

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Indo-Russia ties strong despite India’s growing ties with US, Israel and France: Russian military firms’ Chief

In recent years India’s defence ties with the US and Israel have deepened. Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the first Indian premier to visit Israel last month. The US designated India a major defence partner last year.

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Russia used Facebook to try to spy on Macron campaign: Report

Facebook confirmed to Reuters that it had detected spying accounts in France and deactivated them. It credited a combination of improved automated detection and stepped-up human efforts to find sophisticated attacks.

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Donlad Trump seeks consensus with France despite differences

French President Emmanuel Macron’s national security pitch hasn’t differed drastically from Donald Trump’s. On Syria, he argues for intervention, saying that President Bashar Assad is threat to Syria and the Islamic State group is a threat to France.

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Why Djibouti is strategically important for world military powers

Djibouti: China’s People’s Liberation Army Daily, wrote that this development was ‘landmark move’ that seeks to expand China’s ability to ensure global peace.