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Make haleem, a classic Ramadan delicacy

This recipe — which uses minced meat, wheat and lentils — was traditionally slow-cooked over a wood fire and was among the first meals eaten during Suhur, before beginning the day’s fast.

Indians love meat of all kinds: That’s what an RGI survey says

According to a survey conducted by the Registrar General of India, Punjab is a vegetarian state and Telengana has the highest population of non-vegetarians in the country.

Begin your week with this delicious mango milkshake recipe

Mangoes are not a guilty pleasure. Packed with anti-oxidants, mangoes are also know to have cancer-fighting properties.

Sidharth Malhotra on Delhi’s chaat, healthy vegetarian food, gulab jamun and pickle: The FOODie Interview

Delhi boy Sidharth Malhotra loves Bengal Sweets in South Ex., goes on a veggie diet when he has to lose weight and can’t resist dark chocolate.

Mighty Small Cafe and Bar Food Review: How to survive family visits in a mall in Noida

The menu at Smaaash suits varying tastes and the cosy, cheery yet quiet ambiance is just the thing most parents are looking for.

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Try this easy recipe for Gosht ki Dum Biryani

This fragrant, layered mutton biryani gives everyone a reason to look forward to dining.

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Try this cooling coconut milk curry for summer

This traditional recipe from Kerala made with ash gourd and brown beans is light and refreshing.

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Ten things you should know about the thali

How did the thali come to be? Why are bhajiyas included in almost every Indian thali? Let’s find out.

Now order organic, home-baked treats in Bengaluru (plus, an Amaranth flour cake recipe)

Free from processed sugar and grain, Ovenderful, a blog-turned-enterprise has on its menu classic tea time cakes, cheddar cheese crackers, salted caramel shortbread cookies and more.

A diamond trader’s guide to the best eats in Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar

From Farali Pattice to pudlas, Mumbai’s diamond and jewellery hub has interesting eats at every corner.

New and noteworthy: Indigo Deli, AKA and Fatty Bao

An old favourite of Mumbai gives you a new reason to return and Bengaluru finds a brilliant menu to survive summer.

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Comedian Kapil Sharma on Amritsar’s matthi chhole, Scotch whisky, and Punjabis and dieting: The FOODie Interview

India’s best comedian, Kapil Sharma, loves the food in his hometown, finds it difficult to stick to diets and can’t resist anda-pav.

How to make fresh, gorgeous-looking palak mirchi bread at home

It’s high time you switched to chemical-free bread. This boule made with Parmesan cheese, spinach, green chillies, nolen gur and crushed walnuts is a nutritious, sensory overload.

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5 shocking things you didn’t know about bread

CSE tested 38 brands of bread and bread products and found them to contain harmful chemicals. We got experts to tell you what kind of bread you should be eating.

Despatches from Elsewhere: The Indian doughnut from Dindugul, Tamil Nadu

Gopalpatti, a small town in Dindigul serves paal bun or milk bun, a fried golden wonder, priced at Rs 2, which gives the doughnut a serious run for its money.